Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time's are a changing

This week I realized that times are really changing.

I'm at my absolute whit's end with my neighborhood that I once would've given my right pinkie to live in...

The lack of a designated parking spot often leaves me carrying groceries for a minimum of two blocks-unacceptable, especially if I've already shredded with Jillian Michaels that day, I don't care for extra cardio, thanks.

I have absolutely NO patience for hobos (at one time I respectfully referred to them as "the homeless"). The audacity to not only ask me for my last hard-earned dollar, but to also ask "why not" when I say no? Seriously? That does not sit well with me for the next time...and I know there'll be one!

Not so long ago the sounds of Thursday night ruckus outside my window might have led me to throw on a flannel, take out the trash and see what kind of trouble I may participate in...now, I'm peeved that the noise has interrupted my sleep, since I've been in bed since Grey's Anatomy ended at 10 o'clock. How DARE they have fun on a week night?! And why do I feel the urge to yell, "You kids get off my lawn!"?

I'm looking forward to next Wednesday because the work ladies and I will be going out for a fabulous lunch...at the Souplantation...where we'll use coupons that allow us to eat for the stellar price of six dollars and ninety nine cents.

Also, if I have to hear Adelle on the radio one more time...some disc jockey is goin down!