Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5 Day Slim Down stolen version

If this is confusing it's because you haven't read my last post.  Take a few moments...

So as promised I'm posting more detail on Tone it Up's Five Day Slim Down that I'm attempting this week. Even though I've been walking daily and doing things like lunges blah blah blah, getting in shape after having a baby is just not happening quick enough.  I thought I'd try something a little dramatic for a jump start of sorts.

Below is the plan (Perhaps a variation of it- finding things on random blogs can be like playing telephone). Keep in mind that I've added the times that I do everything so that you get an idea of the schedule, obviously the intervals are more important than the actual time shown. I took the awake hours of my day (not including 2am and 5am feedings) and divided by the amount of "meals." You're smart, I'm sure you could've guessed that.

8am Bombshell Spell- see last post for recipe.
Yesterday (Monday) was my first day and I sorta wanted to barf a little as I'm not accustomed to drinking apple cider vinegar- ew.  Today was much more tolerable and the fact that it's just over 1/2 cup of liquid definitely helps. It's not the first thing I want in the morning but it's not terrible and knowing that I get coffee just an hour later (my own addition to this plan) makes everything doable.

8:30am AM Workout
30 minutes of Cardio. I have been doing HIIT or Full Body workouts on TIU's site, since 1) it's freezing outside and 2) While my husband is awesome and will take our kid in the morning, I feel more comfortable working out at home just in case they need me! Today I actually had a legit sweat going.  Maybe I tried harder or something.  It was quite satisfying.

9am Breakfast- Protein and fruit.
I don't know exactly how much of each so I've been doing 1 piece or serving of fruit and 2 eggs. I'm a little weird about texture, so the popular protein packed Greek yogurt isn't my thing, although you'll find this as an example of a good breakfast on just about every diet including this one.

Coffee is super important to me.  For this week, I won't add milk to it- that's as far as I'm willing to go.

11am Snack-1 piece of fruit
Monday I had a banana and today I packed an apple. I figure fruit on the go should be hard so that it doesn't get smashed. Now that's thinkin.

Charlotte was in her seat and on the table because we were just about to leave for our walk.  This isn't part of the "plan" but we like walking every day anyway.  Plus it's been a good way for Mommy to make friends. That's what groups of stay-at-home moms do- they walk.

12pm Healthy Drink that's not water
This plan has you drinking non-water drinks or juice all the time. Again, I don't know the portion (probably important) so to play it safe I use a small 6oz glass.  Monday I had Diet Cran Pomegranate juice mixed with some sparkling water and today since I wasn't at home (I was actually on a farm- my life is weird) I had just the juice packed in a Nalgene bottle, in our diaper bag.

1pm Lunch- Wrap with greens and protein
I was so hungry I didn't take a picture- yesterday or today.  Yesterday I had turkey, avocado and romaine on two small whole wheat wraps.  Today I used last night's left over lean pork and put that in a wrap.  I heart Protein.

3pm Healthy Drink
Light Grapefruit juice. Today and yesterday...No one specified "Light" juices but I couldn't imagine drinking a bunch of full sugar juice being a good idea.  Doesn't the Ruby Red look delightful?

5pm Smoothie or Juice
Our Vitamix still scares me so I have yet to make smoothies.  Yesterday I had some OJ and pineapple mixed, and today I will try the Coconut "drink" that I bought.  I imagine this was just the less expensive version of "Coconut water." I mean really, a tiny bottle for $4.99- I just don't think so.  We'll see what everyone is raving about...I probably won't like it ;)

5:30pm PM Workout
I like a Strength and Toning video for the day OR if something is feeling like it needs special help, video for that.  For example, yesterday I did an arm/back video and some abs. Today I have a 35 minute Kettle Bell video in store.  Hopefully little baby is asleep, otherwise I'll be taking lots of breaks. Unfortunately??? All this workout has to be is "something that gets your heart rate up" for 30 minutes.

7pm Dinner- Protein and 2 cups of veggies, healthy fat and sometimes wheat stuff. 
Last night I had pork tenderloin that I had crock potted all day, a little avocado and asparagus.  Tonight I'll make asparagus again, some chicken and have just one cup of brown rice. I think the actual plan uses a lot of the TIU recipes but they all seem to have this combo going on.  Truthfully I don't do most of the cooking in my house, so when I do (like this week since my needs are so specific!) we keep it simple.

I put the pork in the crockpot and poured some marinara and spicy salsa over the top.  Done.

9pm Dessert- 1 piece of fruit
...and a little cinnamon.  I took a picture of this combo this morning instead of last night. It was a beautiful presentation but I was too anxious to get back to my husband and my battle of epic proportions.  Yea, we're playing Axis and Allies this week.  #Nerdalert
What a sweet treat after tucking in that baby...and you can see our set up in the background.  Looks like the German troops have a real upper hand...until tonight.

Well I only have 30 minutes until my 3:00 Healthy Drink, so I'm off to throw in a load of laundry and clean up the kitchen.  Exciting!

Peace & Love.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tone it up...pay it forward

While my sister was visiting us in Idaho (by the way, please visit us in Idaho) we discussed fitness and dieting per our usual obligatory slew of topics.  She turned me onto Tone it Up. As always, I'm behind on anything that is cool.  I'm sure Tone it Up is old news, but still all the rage. 

I have been doing their free videos that work on any and all body parts and their HIIT's, High Intensity interval Trainings.  All amazing.  The best part, my baby is willing to sit in her *Rock and Play and watch me for up to 12 minutes. The "Rock and Play" is the only way my child will sleep outside of our bed. It's a miracle worker and the best piece of baby gear we own. 

Tomorrow I'm starting Tone It Up's 5 Day Slim Down.  This is not a free product like the videos...getting this information is part of the $150 Nutrition plan that I will not be purchasing. Instead, I scoured the internet and found bits and pieces of the plan, put them together on a piece of lined paper on my fridge and hit the grocery store for lots of produce and juices, including Coconut "drink" which I normally would be 100% against.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Since I found getting stolen information so helpful, I'm going to go ahead and spend the next 5 minutes before Charlotte's bedtime paying it forward and sharing it with you.  "Pay it Forward" is another cool thing (or at least was in 2010) that I would normally steer away from (not actually doing, but saying) but we're short on time and I'm trying to blog and bounce a 9 week old in her Infintino all at the same time. Note:  The Infintino is $18 on Amazon and basically a front-backpack that is Dad friendly and not the $200 Ergo.

This isn't a fitness or mom blog per say, but there are sprinklings throughout.

The Bombshell Spell Recipe:
This is the first thing you ingest each morning on the Slim Down.  I just made it and will throw it down the hatch tomorrow before my AM workout.

1/2 Cup Pineapple juice
1 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar
1 TSP Honey
Splash of Lime Juice

Shown: The Ingredients and our "Catch All" which  is great for OCD people that can't handle keys, sunglasses and mail on countertops.  My husband asked me if I went to Machu Picchu when I brought it home.

This is what's on the other side of that counter- Butter and Wine.  What can I say?

I'll be posting more on this plan as the week goes on, including what the plan actually is beyond the elixir shown above.

Nighty Night!