Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why? Because I am getting married! Obsessive compulsive people don't need nine to twelve months to plan a wedding. They only need six. Everyone knows that.

I think I'm supposed to be looking at magazines with blushing brides on the front, obsessing over floral arrangements and probably tying silver ribbon on things. I hate tying ribbon on things. While the mags are on the scene and some florists have been yelped in the last 24 hours, I'm mostly trying to stop thinking about how awesome my wedding is going to be, and how many different outfits I can incorporate into the "week of. " These are phrases I use now- "week of." Our little secret...I have a plan to invite some gals over, feed them artichoke dip and wine...and ask them to tie ribbons on things. Boom. A good red wine buzz generally leads to productivity and crafts.

Reason #2 the blogs have been missing in action (should be reason #3, I'm pretty sure the first one can count as double): I decided that starting grad school simultaneously was a great choice. So...I'm in grad school. and working full-time. and working OUT full-time. No one wants to look like a normal person in a white dress. Everyone wants to look super hot in a white dress, c'mon. I'm pretty sure every bride I've ever known stuck to a liquid diet for at least the final leg of her engagement. I see no reason to break the mold.

I'm going to drink some whey protein and do some work now. Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HAPPY new year

I am so FREAKING happy.
there I said it.
Much to get down on paper (that thing we used to write on)...
not sure where to begin...
thinkin' later this evening I'll write from some sort of cardiovascular machine, who knows, maybe a stationary bike.

Happy New Year Kids.
MUCH love.