Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I figure A million things going on should lead to at least a few things being learned... "take aways" if you will. I know NERD alert. I'll always be a teacher. It's my craft.

The education types loooooove describing the moment students figure something out as an "AHA moment". Note, now that I work with adult students I call them Stu's, so hipster right? Anyway I personally hate the "aha moment" term. I guess it's easy to hate anything you have to hear over and over, generally said in a way that is just. so. smug.

I'm unable to think of a more legitimate phrase so for now lets just say I've had a few aha moments. (the worst right? You know you hate it too)

Many of my recents have been wedding related, but why don't we ease up on that for a post or two. I'm starting to annoy myself.

You may be more intelligent and have already had these light bulbs go off, so my apologies if you're super to those that are already wise and awesome.

Recently I went to Vegas for a Bach partay....not my own, I said no wedding talk today. Here are some little tokens I left with (teachers say tokens too):

Flying out on a Friday night at 9:30 means two things. One is that you are probably saving $80. The other- you're with all the drunks... and San Diego males that wear "Tap Out" blouses. I guess that's three.

Leaving at 8:35 on Sunday morning is quite the contrary. While there are a few youthful early risers on the flight (they are often wearing ray bans and sipping on bloody Mary's ) most are grandma and grandpa's age, headed back home to places like Reno. The aha: Sunday will be brutal regardless so why the heck not head home early, grab a croissonwich and diet coke at the airport, and enjoy a conversation with the president of the Shriner's sitting next to you.. He may even show you his fez. Now that's livin.

More? Okay.

Not everybody calls Apple product users "Apple heads" so... When you are about to say it, look around first and if you're not the only one in the room, probably hold off. This aha can be put in place with many other sayings as well. Thank God I found someone as weird as I am. Don't settle folks. (Deep right? an aha for some)

Spray tans. Take advantage of the new and improved drying cycle that the innovative Mystic has implemented. Remember when you used to step out of the dome and have orange run down your bare calf? Not a prob any longer gals...(and guys... I mean, whatever. do your thing).

And you thought I'd share my aha's from six months of Graduate School.  C'mon that's no fun at all.