Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things I can't live without

I suppose since it's Thanksgiving time I should think about all that I am grateful for.  And I will.  Then perhaps I'll write them all down, specific to the people they involve, put them on leaf-shaped cards and pass them out accordingly.

As far as BSS goes...I'll just write about what I can't live without.  Superficially speaking...

1.  Baby Powder.
It's not #1 by coincidence.  If you don't know the power of the powder, you're about to.  Baby powder is what keeps my coworkers (and probably loved ones) from thinking I'm a total hobo.  No, I don't put it on my body.  Gross...its place is clearly on unwashed hair. As most highlighted blondes know, a day or two (or three?) without a wash can cause some serious rootage.  And that's where the BP comes in.  Not only will you find the smell pleasant, sort of like a newborn's head, but you'll also gain at least an hour of your life. *Teenagehood proved that "doin' hair" meant at least an hour to plan for Dad to wait in the garage. Wise man to make himself scarce with that much electricity and aerosol under one roof.

2.  A big fricken bag, with a clutch inside it.
I carry around a lot of crap.  I live on a boat.  I have two offices to go between, and a freakish obsession with being prepared for just about anything.  Band aids, a tube of Aquaphor, this month's bills...all in the big fricken bag.  The burden of it is gone anytime, since I can pull out the clutch (a houndstooth one at this point in time), that holds the bare necessities (and a shout wipe) and then do what I please.  I recommend a clutch-in-a-big-fricken-bag any day of the week.  Feel free to quote me.

3. A GREAT pair of black boots
Nothing makes me happier than shoes in general.  But great black boots really make my day. Since I house all of my apparel in a 3 foot tall "closet" and my trunk, the rotation of Fall/Winter attire grows dull rather quickly.  Ya know what makes those outfits seem like they're brand spankin' new?
(I won't insult you with an obvious answer)

There are a few more, but I don't want to overwhelm you, or transform this whatever-kind-of-blog-it-is into a Beauty-Fashion-Tips-kind-of-Blog. Not that we don't need those tips (Lord knows that's what my in the know friends are for) but tips from me?  I think you could probably live without.  I don't even wash my hair for crying out loud.

What I'm REALLY thankful for (aside from what's on the leaf cards and this post...and Downton Abbey) is my sweet, sweet little family:  The Hub and the 'daughts. Pretty sure that's what it's all about.

Until next time......