Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday means...

1. Black bra under white cami- I'm sure the one person I see at work today will think it's cool

2. Side braid, so "in" even for non-hipsters

3. Learning things- in the graduate class being taught next door to my office...Sarah and Abraham, Classic

4. Struggler's lunch- cherry tomatoes, turkey meat and pudding did the trick today. Is that an almond in my desk drawer? What a convenient protein.

5. Lots of emails- piled up from taking a Friday off. You WISH you went to a vintage Batman tee

6. Opening up Google calendar to see what the next weekend holds, I hold fast to a work-to-live philosophy.

7. "I miss you already" texts...don't judge my luuurve

8. Reviewing online bank statement (what do you propose I do on a 30-minute break?)

9. Standing afternoon meeting

10. A blog post at ten 'til 5?

yes I think so.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's been a while...

since I have....


Here are just a few excuses:

1. By the time I leave work (five or ten minutes before I really should) I don't want to even LOOK at a keyboard...ever again. Remember the good old days when you adored Mavis Beacon for the sweet sweet gift she gave you? And you couldn't even wait to practice your new a,s,d,f, strokes during an IMing sesh...those days are gone. I mean this with everything in me: Due to Office Job 2010 (still going strong, thanks) I despise typing and generally loathe being on a computer for any reason. Despise...and loathe. By the way, I realize most have been office-ing since the early 2000's. Wow.

2. Blogging at work, while a totally respectable habit, is very difficult. Not because I feel guilty (c'mon live a little) but because people are always bugging me for something and this makes it hard to let my writing juices flow. How am I supposed to share nuggets of wisdom (and perhaps sarcasm?)with the world when I'm also receiving a fax, updating a spreadsheet and being asked obvious questions? It's just nearly impossible.

3. During work hours, every now and then, I've sort of been engaging in a different type of non-work-related-online-activity, that takes a little less brain power (like about the amount necessary for napping)...and it's called Amazon. I rue the day...RUE the DAY it came into my life. Then there's Amazon's dirty accomplice (The big O some like to call it), it's like they work together to torment me, sometimes multiple times a day.

Enough's what's up...

I'm in a place (that I apparently loooove being in) where habits and hobbies are supported, bills are gettin' paid, my mind and body are being exhausted-It's the land of two jobs. I'm not sure what my deal is but having a second "quick and easy money job" on the side seems to be a gig I'm into. Hearing me complain about it is fun too...for everyone mostly.

While this "quick and easy" was once mixing rum and coke for sailors (and rum and diet coke for the sailors' wives) it is now a little different...but still totally annoying.

I am...a tutor. While I'd love to pretend that I am overjoyed with the progress my pupils are making, the time to connect with young folk blah blah...Tutoring, to me, really means:

a. crazy mothers

b. reading Huckleberry Finn for the 23rd time

c. hanging out in nice houses (and occasionally pools)

Okay they also tend to have delicious kid-friendly beverages like Snapple...and that's a perk that one really can't overlook.

It all works out in the end...when they hand over a wod of cash to the sweet and invested tutor.

So and half jobs (saying two seems a little exaggerated, now that I've given you the visual of a kiwi strawberry Snap in hand, wading in a pool).

This is what I do.