Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I'll never...Part III: What's that Baby doing in my Bedroom?

I am a very "black and white" person...mostly white (okay sometimes red).  I realize at 30, and through some early 20's counseling that this kind of thinking often doesn't work. In the past it was a method of self-protection, now its purpose is to create a nice platform for me to be opinionated.

Before Charlotte came, I had many black and white ideas about caring for her. I disclaimed most of them with something like, "But I'll just go with the flow, see how it goes..."


The reality is parents have NO CHOICE but to go with the flow, unless they want to spend a lot of their time being frustrated. I say all this to preempt sharing about my baby that sleeps in my room.

Having Charlotte occupy her expensive (and not to mention coordinated-with-our-bedding) bassinet for hmmm 4-6 weeks, then move smoothly into her beautifully thought out crib was just a lovely idea. Almost as good as breastfeeding and keeping her away from the pre-3-month binky! Obviously I would "go with the flow" but we all knew that baby would be sleeping in her nursery as soon as possible.  Because well...I like sleep and I'd obviously have a super "independent" newborn.  Especially since she's a girl.  Girls should be independent (it's just that black and white).

We just hit 4 months- that's 16 weeks, a little longer than 4-6 wouldn't ya say?  And we're not even close to kicking her out. That's literally how I would I was kicking her out. Luckily (or strategically) she's not in our bed, just merely sharing the room. She hated her basinet from Day 1 (Note to self: Sell that puppy on Craigslist). I actually don't know anyone that doesn't share that narrative regarding bassinets.  So why on earth do we all buy them?  Or get other people to buy them for us by putting them on our lofty list of items that we want aka The Registry?

Charlotte prefers to slumber next to our bed in the good 'ol Rock & Play- a piece of baby gear I've referenced before, lovingly gifted to us by her Mimi and Auntie. My rather accommodating child hits the R & P around 7pm and doesn't make a peep until 5 or 6am, then goes back to sleep after some grub until around 8/8:30 (bragging). Having her in our bedroom works for us.  Perhaps if she were a snoring baby I might be inclined to get her out sooner.

Since we have a trip coming up (CALI BABY!) I'll be postponing "crib training" until the time is right. Everything has a name- "Crib Training..." why would I just say "Putting her in the crib..." #thebabyindustry.  My husband hates hipster verbiage even more than I do (now that's a soulmate).  If I conform to this phenomenon now and then and say things like "Meal Prep" he quickly pipes in "you mean preparing our meals?" Thank the Lord my man keeps me in check! My next post is about my most recent conformity- having nothing to do with baby stuff by the way.

And so with a baby who is sustained by FORMULA (and now a little rice cereal- cutest thing ever), a BINKY and a bed that lives in MY goes on.  Everyone is happy and healthy.  Imagine that!

Charlotte beginning her total surrender to the Rock & Play at 3 weeks old.
Of course Binky makes an appearance here as well