Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things I can't live without

I suppose since it's Thanksgiving time I should think about all that I am grateful for.  And I will.  Then perhaps I'll write them all down, specific to the people they involve, put them on leaf-shaped cards and pass them out accordingly.

As far as BSS goes...I'll just write about what I can't live without.  Superficially speaking...

1.  Baby Powder.
It's not #1 by coincidence.  If you don't know the power of the powder, you're about to.  Baby powder is what keeps my coworkers (and probably loved ones) from thinking I'm a total hobo.  No, I don't put it on my body.  Gross...its place is clearly on unwashed hair. As most highlighted blondes know, a day or two (or three?) without a wash can cause some serious rootage.  And that's where the BP comes in.  Not only will you find the smell pleasant, sort of like a newborn's head, but you'll also gain at least an hour of your life. *Teenagehood proved that "doin' hair" meant at least an hour to plan for Dad to wait in the garage. Wise man to make himself scarce with that much electricity and aerosol under one roof.

2.  A big fricken bag, with a clutch inside it.
I carry around a lot of crap.  I live on a boat.  I have two offices to go between, and a freakish obsession with being prepared for just about anything.  Band aids, a tube of Aquaphor, this month's bills...all in the big fricken bag.  The burden of it is gone anytime, since I can pull out the clutch (a houndstooth one at this point in time), that holds the bare necessities (and a shout wipe) and then do what I please.  I recommend a clutch-in-a-big-fricken-bag any day of the week.  Feel free to quote me.

3. A GREAT pair of black boots
Nothing makes me happier than shoes in general.  But great black boots really make my day. Since I house all of my apparel in a 3 foot tall "closet" and my trunk, the rotation of Fall/Winter attire grows dull rather quickly.  Ya know what makes those outfits seem like they're brand spankin' new?
(I won't insult you with an obvious answer)

There are a few more, but I don't want to overwhelm you, or transform this whatever-kind-of-blog-it-is into a Beauty-Fashion-Tips-kind-of-Blog. Not that we don't need those tips (Lord knows that's what my in the know friends are for) but tips from me?  I think you could probably live without.  I don't even wash my hair for crying out loud.

What I'm REALLY thankful for (aside from what's on the leaf cards and this post...and Downton Abbey) is my sweet, sweet little family:  The Hub and the 'daughts. Pretty sure that's what it's all about.

Until next time......

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Travel Month

I hate being that, not the one whose hair naturally dries straight and shiny.  Not the one that is tan year-round (I obviously choose to be either pale OR red year round instead)... The girl I really hate being says things like "Oh my gosh, things are just so crazy right now" and "I don't think I've ever been this busy!" 

I'm totally that girl.

But can I just say, life is SO BUSY right now! See how annoying that is?

In the midst of all that is and is about to be going on (which will undoubtedly ensure new adventures to blog about) I am in the "Travel Month" of work.  This means I go around Southern California, wearing a green polo shirt, and energetically saying things like, "What kind of program are you looking for today?!"  It gets tough to keep the energy up when someone like me hits the road at 6am.  My husband is certain I'm the sweetest female in the world- unless he's waking me up before 8.  I'm doing a fantastic job of fooling him the rest of the day.

Travel Month starts today, with a two hour commute.  The first of many travel days has taught me a few things.  #1 Having my latte at 5:45 instead of 7:30 means my caffeine high (and what a high it is) nears completion sooner than it really should. 11:30 is here and I'm tempted to climb under my 6 foot display and catch some 'mimi's. My last name has a silent J in it now so I'm allowed to use Spanish catch phrases, in case you hadn't heard. On a typical work day my crash would come around 2:00 and the one square of dark chocolate (sometimes two depending on my afternoon's caloric intake, or my emotions) helps make the process a little less tragic.  Remember the One-Dove-Egg rule last Spring?  I apply the same principles even outside of the passover season. Impressed?  You're not...that's fine. It's clear to me that I have a caffeine problem.  This may explain my resent and consistent questioning, "Was that an aftershock?!" after San Diego's latest summer quakes. Note, it was never an aftershock.  I'm just shaky.  This is why I have established staunch concrete rules for myself, they seem to help; one homemade latte in the morning and if I'm lucky, a small portion of dark chocolate in the afternoon.  On a serious note, if you struggle with Migraines, finding a caffeine routine that works with your body is KEY!  You can look out for my memoir one day, that will include tips on migraine control. 

Second realization you ask, that doesn't have to do with the fact that I'm a fiend:  At big schools (unlike my precious Alma mater) people have innovative ways of getting around.  While I try to give every student encounter an objective 'tude, I have a very hard time taking someone on a razor seriously as a prospective stu.  Note:  our awesome team calls them "stu's."

While this next fun fact doesn't warrant being called a realization (it's more of a jealous and catty comment) I will say that undergraduate college students definitely still go Back-to-School shopping.  I can spot a Back-to-School outfit from a mile away...and I'm spotting 'em all over the place.  How did I miss that opportunity?  Are parents funding this? 

Alright, I'll wrap this up (since my provided box lunch is here).
#3  Ford focuses are stupid cars.  It's my rental for today...and it's kinda stupid.  Sorry Focus owners.
#4  Apparently I'm willing to listen to Seacrest's yuckster-speak if the end result is free tickets to see No Doubt.  No Luck.  Calling 520-102.7 is not as easy as Ryan makes it sound.  And Rhianna's new song doesn't impress me.  KIIS FM you were much better in the 90's...or maybe music was just better?  I'll leave you with that to ponder...

Monday, August 20, 2012

It's all over...

Well it’s all over. The parties, the planning, the wedding and the honeymoon. Back to our busy life and reality, although somehow it’s still very unreal to me.
Real? Not quite yet.
You love it when people ask themselves questions, and then answer them individually right in front of you.

Last week I went through 400+ photos from the "big day" and I still can’t believe that whole thing went down. Two weeks of greatness...and now we're fricken married.  What?

I have heard that it’s now time for the serious lessons to be learned…

Like driving my husband’s big stupid car.

Note: We will find something to call him soon so that you don’t delete BSS from your google reader- having read the haughty words "my husband" every three lines.

So the car…it happens to be big, and because it’s the machine used for teaching me to drive a manual tranie for the first time, it’s also stupid. Why the need to conquer driving a manual?  Being able to sip on a latte, talk on the phone and tune into political talk radio on the commute to work, all because you drive a luxurious that's livin.  2004 Honda Civics are luxury vehicles in case you hadn't heard.

Long story short, learning how to drive his (am I supposed to say "our" now?) manual meant saving about three hundred bones and "Post wedding finances" mean you take opportunities like this...and seize them.  So I learned how to drive our big stupid car.

Driving the beast takes 100% of my attention, which tends to be a tough task (unless you're a man by the name of Mr...oops!  Remember Privacy ot 12...sheesh!)

The big stupid car and I generally start by having a little pep talk…

"Alright, I’m going to put in your clutch, let off your break a bit, and start to reverse.
And…of course you’re in first instead of reverse…YOU jerk!" 

Then I sweat a little.  Organza blouses are not an option this week.

Today was our third trip to work together. Sort of like a third date...I’m a little more comfortable, but still pretty awkward.  We got to know each other well before we took it all the way to fifth, obviously.  So, the fifth gear, along with all the other gears has now been accomplished.  Impressive right? I consider myself a relatively quick learner.

I'm sure there are many, many more lessons to be learned (some shared)...and some already being "drafted" in fact.

Here's to new experiences.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I figure A million things going on should lead to at least a few things being learned... "take aways" if you will. I know NERD alert. I'll always be a teacher. It's my craft.

The education types loooooove describing the moment students figure something out as an "AHA moment". Note, now that I work with adult students I call them Stu's, so hipster right? Anyway I personally hate the "aha moment" term. I guess it's easy to hate anything you have to hear over and over, generally said in a way that is just. so. smug.

I'm unable to think of a more legitimate phrase so for now lets just say I've had a few aha moments. (the worst right? You know you hate it too)

Many of my recents have been wedding related, but why don't we ease up on that for a post or two. I'm starting to annoy myself.

You may be more intelligent and have already had these light bulbs go off, so my apologies if you're super to those that are already wise and awesome.

Recently I went to Vegas for a Bach partay....not my own, I said no wedding talk today. Here are some little tokens I left with (teachers say tokens too):

Flying out on a Friday night at 9:30 means two things. One is that you are probably saving $80. The other- you're with all the drunks... and San Diego males that wear "Tap Out" blouses. I guess that's three.

Leaving at 8:35 on Sunday morning is quite the contrary. While there are a few youthful early risers on the flight (they are often wearing ray bans and sipping on bloody Mary's ) most are grandma and grandpa's age, headed back home to places like Reno. The aha: Sunday will be brutal regardless so why the heck not head home early, grab a croissonwich and diet coke at the airport, and enjoy a conversation with the president of the Shriner's sitting next to you.. He may even show you his fez. Now that's livin.

More? Okay.

Not everybody calls Apple product users "Apple heads" so... When you are about to say it, look around first and if you're not the only one in the room, probably hold off. This aha can be put in place with many other sayings as well. Thank God I found someone as weird as I am. Don't settle folks. (Deep right? an aha for some)

Spray tans. Take advantage of the new and improved drying cycle that the innovative Mystic has implemented. Remember when you used to step out of the dome and have orange run down your bare calf? Not a prob any longer gals...(and guys... I mean, whatever. do your thing).

And you thought I'd share my aha's from six months of Graduate School.  C'mon that's no fun at all.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lesson #4 Just because...

Just because...

you and your fiance talk all things wedding (including but NOT limited to floral arrangements and registry) all the time, does not mean that conversations about mesh colanders and peonies should become the norm. I know he's amazing when it comes to being involved (of course he is!), but throw him a bone every once and a while and ask about the latest 49ers pick, or another baseball team he's into.

Just because you got an Easter basket filled with Godiva dark chocolates (from said amazing boo), does not mean you should go to town like every other American gets to during the month of April. I find the two-dark-chocolate-mini-eggs-a-day, preferably post-healthy lunch...very satisfying! For a measly 90 cals...we can handle that. Honestly, I know it totally sucks to limit the chocolate intake to the mini egg, there's a good reason they're called "mini." But how good is that dress gonna look after you've resisted full-egg sized treats for six months? It's going to be SO WORTH it! *this pep talk clearly takes place in my head. I need it, you don't...or do you?

Just because your "Book of lists" is the end-all-be-all as far as you are concerned, does not mean He agrees. He's clearly wrong. Nonetheless, think twice when referencing it more than thrice in the same conversation about RSVP cards.

Finally (since I'm about to leave work early, for the sake of doing taxes late), just because you are planning a party, I mean wedding, that takes place in less than three months doesn't mean you can ignore your other responsibilities that maybe include grad school, your full-time job, oh and slowly getting rid of all the crap you've accumulated and don't need over the last 10 years.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Lesson #3 Sheryl Crow

My thoughts on beginning the consolidation process i.e. slowly but surely taking all of your crap to the fiance's pad: There is a (very important) formula, and it's been found. I now share it with're welcome, I feel it's my duty.

1. Do it when he's out of town. No one needs to see you sweatily hoisting a pair of ski boots onto the top shelf at 2am on a Friday night. I'm crazy, leave me alone.

2. Play some jams that will keep you going, but not stress you out as you strategically place golf clubs in the opposite corner of the closet (that you now call "your closet"). As long as those clubs are within a reasonable distance from the pale pink bridesmaid dress you wore in '06, it'll be okay to share the space with some of his stuff. The Jams: I recommend Sheryl Crow radio. Every now and then McLachlan will come on and merit a skip but the Alanis, Jewel and Fleetwood hits make it all worth while. When you're getting close to a crash around 12:45, Snoop Dawg & Dre radio make for some great inspiration...and the left over Del classic crunchy taco will keep up your strength too. It's cool, you've been eating 1200 calories a day for the last three months, and you'll be up another 4 hours anyway.

3. Don't get caught up in your productivity, and forget to feed the cat. He'll never trust you alone for a weekend in his apartment again, if you forget to feed the cat (that you made him purchase a year ago).

4. When "organizing" (that means moving) his stuff...begin with creating piles. Then when honey gets home, he simply goes through piles, not "throws stuff away." Get it?

I have SO MUCH more to say about this...organizing is a passion of mine. I think this is a nice start though...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lesson #2 You think you want a harp

There are many lessons to be learned, I'm learning, during the engagement months. While they happen almost weekly, I find time to document them, about semi-monthly.

Lesson #2 is for the bride that thinks she wants a harp. The harp (and harpist) would be for the gentle sounds of your classic and perfect ceremony, obviously. What you will need in addition to that harp, your potential harpist will promptly tell you...

You'll need at least one tree (one is clearly the minimum and several is preferred). You don't have a tree...because you're getting married in the middle of a mountain? Well that's a problem. You see, without trees, you do not have shade, and without shade, your harpist's harp won't stay in tune. No one wants an untuned harp...or an unhappy harpist.

Lesson #2 is about more than a harp...and a harpist. I could go on about other things you think you want (like a super hip DJ, and trust me you don't want a super hip DJ. He'll charge you twice what the just averagely hip DJ does. Apparently fedoras can add up?) but the real lesson is that there is more, much more that goes into everything Wedding. The "more" generally refers to finances and logistics. The "much more" would refer to the emotions and personal growth involved. Want a nap? I know. But it's true-and pretty fantastic.

I'm unable to fit in a grand conclusion here, who's got the time these days...but I will say this:

We're not having a harp.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lesson #1 The day after the Proposal

Remember Nanny Diaries? Not the big screen version with Scarlett, how dare you. You know I wouldn't speak of a woman capable of ripping out Ry's heart for someone like Sean Penn. Obviously I'm referring to an old series on B.S.S.

If you're not following, I recommend a cold rainy day that includes you, your laptop and some catching up on posts circa Summer 2010.

Anyway, with nanny gigs behind me, I now bring you a new series...

"Here PUNS the BRIDE"

Here, I will attempt making as many ridiculous bridal puns as humanly possible.


A few here and there may happen though, don't say I didn't warn you.

I'm well aware that there are PLENTY of blogs surrounding the topic of "wedding." Not to fear, I have zero plans of helping you decipher what theme is best for your "Big Day" and how you can win a free cake- with fondant frosting. Who am I anyway? Instead, in this series I will share ALL the lessons I'm learning as I (I mean WE) attempt to plan the best frigen party of 2012- I mean, our classic and tasteful wedding.

Lesson #1 The day after he proposes (not "pops the question," I think we're above over-used phrases like this, don't you?)...The day after he proposes, take a SICK DAY.

Tell your boss you can't come in- there's a weird RINGing in your ear...and you PROPOSE that a day off would be best.

Did you like that? Okay seriously though...take the day off.

You won't have slept the night before, and after you do finally sleep for a few hours, you'll jump outta bed (your own bed of course, being the lady that you are), freakishly check your messages, then text anyone that you figured was sleeping the night prior when the question was in fact "popped."

Don't feel bad about missing a day, you'll be useless at work anyway. Your phone will vibrate off that faux oak desk every 45 seconds and all you'll want to do is 1) stare at the fine piece of platinum on your finger and 2) search the web for how to plan a wedding under 10G's and...lose 20 pounds in a matter of months. You'll also have to take some significant time to contemplate how you'll announce your news to the world (through Facebook) without sounding like a total idiot. My advice, keep it simple. If your FB friend from fourth grade needs to hear every detail, she'll send you a "message" asking about it.


*I think this is how I'll conclude each Lesson post..."seriously." This is obviously very serious stuff.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why? Because I am getting married! Obsessive compulsive people don't need nine to twelve months to plan a wedding. They only need six. Everyone knows that.

I think I'm supposed to be looking at magazines with blushing brides on the front, obsessing over floral arrangements and probably tying silver ribbon on things. I hate tying ribbon on things. While the mags are on the scene and some florists have been yelped in the last 24 hours, I'm mostly trying to stop thinking about how awesome my wedding is going to be, and how many different outfits I can incorporate into the "week of. " These are phrases I use now- "week of." Our little secret...I have a plan to invite some gals over, feed them artichoke dip and wine...and ask them to tie ribbons on things. Boom. A good red wine buzz generally leads to productivity and crafts.

Reason #2 the blogs have been missing in action (should be reason #3, I'm pretty sure the first one can count as double): I decided that starting grad school simultaneously was a great choice. So...I'm in grad school. and working full-time. and working OUT full-time. No one wants to look like a normal person in a white dress. Everyone wants to look super hot in a white dress, c'mon. I'm pretty sure every bride I've ever known stuck to a liquid diet for at least the final leg of her engagement. I see no reason to break the mold.

I'm going to drink some whey protein and do some work now. Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HAPPY new year

I am so FREAKING happy.
there I said it.
Much to get down on paper (that thing we used to write on)...
not sure where to begin...
thinkin' later this evening I'll write from some sort of cardiovascular machine, who knows, maybe a stationary bike.

Happy New Year Kids.
MUCH love.