Monday, September 22, 2014

No Small Potatoes...

Sometimes life happens all at once.  In fact most of the time it happens this way.  My husband and I think it's best (apparently) to not just have a baby- have I mentioned I'll be doing that soon?- but to also alter our life completely by MOVING it all to...


Yup, I'm moving to Idaho. We bought a house, today starts my last full week of work,  and just about everything in life is changing.

Let me tell you, moving away from the state you've spent all your life no small potatoes. Aside from only having lived in two cities thus far *Azusa and San Diego, moving out of California is pretty significant.  I'm not going to hate on this beautiful state, but I will say it is clear that the next chapter for us and our family is meant to be outside of this place.
*Okay I usually claim to be from Covina, (Glendora if I'm feeling fancy & San Dimas if "Raging Waters" is someone's only point of reference) but the reality is living on Citrus Ave means I'm from Azusa.  So there.

The easiest part of moving to focus on and even write about, for me, is the logistical piece. I could probably dedicate a daily post to the minutia! The first one might be on how annoying selling your car is, and maybe the second about fitting in all the dental and optometrist appointments you can before leaving your comprehensive and familiar health insurance.  Who's to say? The purpose of this post however- NOT logistical.  Emotional.

Unfortunately (or conveniently?) I can't be too emotional since I'm writing it from my office and don't care to have coworkers catch me crying...again.

It's hard for me to tell people things they don't want to hear.  I find it hard to tell them things they don't LOVE hearing (an even deeper level of wanting to please). Obviously moving away is not personal- except maybe to my current stoop-smokin' neighbor. Gross. But somehow it feels like telling people we're leaving is the equivalent of offending their mother or kicking their dog. The 20 year old inside me is used to doing things that people really like, and approve of.  I don't think I ever went as far as making decisions based on hopes of that approval, but you better believe when I got it I LIKED it. I've grown accustomed to how warm and fuzzy it feels to know everyone gets what you're doing and thinks it's A-OK!. Thinking and acting outside the (approved and standard) box- that gets tough.

It's safe to say the things worth doing, are hard to do.  In this case, more uncomfortable than difficult. What I feel beyond happy about: I have a great partner to make these things happen with, a baby on the way that will have a big home and full-time mom to join,
and all of YOU to support us on our new adventure...and host when you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest. Stay tuned for more on our road to becoming Idahoans...

Monday, September 8, 2014

Show 'em who's Boss

During my work day I find myself getting up to go to the restroom, stopping to do something productive on the way back to my office (check my mail box, tell a colleague something, things of that nature) then deciding since I'm up I might as well just go to the bathroom again.  Lord knows it'll only be a matter of minutes anyway.

I could literally spend all day just being pregnant.
There was probably (okay definitely) a time when I would have responded to someone saying something like this with some cynicism like... I dunno..."Oh BOOHOO."  If that's your response right now...just wait. You'll find the Third Tri is a real kick in the pants.

I tend to put a decent amount of pressure on myself to be good at life; send Thank you cards in a timely manner, take vitamins, stuff like that. What I want more than anything right now is to be good at being pregnant.  My Doctor (and husband too) would probably say I'm doing aight, but I could REALLY *show 'em who's boss if I literally spent ALL day devoted to being pregnant.

Here is how the WHOLE day would go...
  • First things first- Pool work out in the morning. Sciatica makes taking walks, elipticals and any other low intensity cardio I might do pretty miserable.  The pool though...what a treat! It also helps that it's the only cool place to be in San Diego these days. 80 degrees and muggy?  Really? None of us came here for this!  Yesterday morning (it was a Sunday) I had my water workout alongside a 61 year old who was enjoying her own speed walk/jog in the shallow end. #poolfriends
  • 7 deadly stretches- Chiropractors LOVE stretches.  Every time I go see the man (once a week, twice if he had his way) he has a new ground breaking stretch for me to do "on my own."  We are at 7 total and he insists I do them each 3-4 times a day. I can get in one set during pool work out but other than that...activities like the  "Clam stretch" aren't exactly work appropriate. Maybe if I had an entire day to devote to stretches, I could really get into it. 
  • Actually Sleeping- I could fall asleep at any point throughout the day (I've blogged about car naps before) It's that nighttime sleeping that's really tough. Perhaps I need ALL day to sleep whenever the mood strikes, so that I could be REALLY good at getting sufficient rest, for the baby's sake of course.
  • Moisturizing and preventing stretch marks- Yea we're goin' there. Thanks to a dear friend and pro mom I have the glory of all glory when it comes to Oiling up. What I would love to have along with it? Lots and lots of time to use it properly, 2x a day.  Who knows, maybe I'd even shower twice if I had all day to be pregnant- nothing is better than some "Weleda" massage oil after a cold summer shower. 
  • Dr's appointments- and more Dr's appointments.  Thank Goodness I work for an amazing place and don't have to freak out about missing time for these.  I have been blessed by my job time and time again. When I leave them in less than a month, it will be a very bitter sweet day. More on that SOON. I could spend hours not only attending my regular check ups, but going in for lab work, switching back and forth between gmail calendar screens to ensure no conflicts (I'm crazy), reading the literature they give out, I mean the list goes on!
  • Food Prep & Grocery Shopping- I happen to have married the most helpful man in the entire world (that was no accident) but even still, having all day to prep meals that all include green leafy's and Protein- come on.
  • Prenatal Vitamins- Why do I always run out of prenatals during super busy weeks? ORRRR maybe I just really hate going to Rite Aid. Imagine having all day to leisurely walk to Rite Aid, it's that close to home! And don't underestimate how long that walk would take.  Taking breaks for numb, fire legs are required (I don't think I can swim there).
  • Staring, rubbing and reflecting- literally I could do this for 20 minutes at a time multiple times a day (kinda like my stretches?) At almost 7 months, this little love can sense and sometimes respond to touch. My app told me...and I've experienced it in the last couple of weeks. I love staring at this big "bump", and just giving her love and attention each day. Nothing is better (or sometimes weirder) than feeling her headbutt my palm.  We're also at the point of being able to see her moving. Crazy.
  • Writing in Charlotte's Journal- with all that's happening in our family's lives, this babe is going to need to know the details of her 9 months!
  • Registering- Don't get me started.
  • Figuring out what to wear.  Seriously.
  • Doing things slowly and picking up all the things I drop.  Even more seriously.
  • Last but not least, blogging MORE. It's taken over a week to actually make progress on this post alone.  And I love writing...especially about my favorite little girl! Lately, when I finally sit down to do it, exhaustion kicks in and watching an episode of The Sopranos is much more the level of effort I'm looking to contribute to life at that moment. 
In no way is this a complaint post. While I don't consider myself one of those women that claim they love being pregnant (I mean, really?) I am so enjoying this time in the midst of all the let's just say "stuff" pregnancy entails. I really would love to take MORE time to do everything listed above EVERY day.  What I'll do instead (for next 23 days but who's counting?) is...
as much as I can.

Day out!

*I can't tell you how badly I wanted to write "Kick some pregnancy a$$" ...but it just seems wrong to use profantiy as I talk about caring of my unborn child- I couldn't even bring myself to type it with real S's. Internal conflict (or just hormones?)