Thursday, November 12, 2015


Charlotte and I took our first Mommy-Lotti trip, to North Carolina. I spent the entire week prior packing during nap times so that I felt as prepared as possible for two 9-hour days of travel and a week away from home (also to satisfy some freakish compulsion to be organized and in control of things that intimidate me).

If Delta didn't think an overstuffed diaper bag, bulging *CK hobo and a baby carrier (fit for Everest should we chose to climb it someday) were appropriate for the allotted carry-on allowance, well...they had another thing coming.  *Become a mom and kiss wearing your favorite purses goodbye, unless you can stuff some blankets and bottles in them and take them on a flight. Booya.

The first leg, to Minneapolis, went better than expected. The subtle motion of the plane taking off was enough to rock my little pook to sleep for almost the entire flight. Her awake time was spent snacking on puffs (best baby time waster ever) and being entertained by whatever tricks were pulled out of my totally normal sized bags.
I specified that was the first leg right?

5am Happy Girl

Almost to our layover, still happy.  She's got plans for me.
The second was quite another story.  I can only describe my state as sweaty, frustrated, on edge and perhaps a little frantic. All of course because Charlotte's state was...psychotic.  Yes, even the best and cutest of babies become complete mental cases from time to time.  She chose the 4 hour flight to be that time.

The gal in our row seemed nice enough.  I questioned the positioning of her cell phone (why is it some girls chose to prop it in their cleavage? For another time I suppose...) Her patience was much appreciated, but not as necessary as that of the flight attendants. They were forced to share their tiny flight attendant area with me and my screaming child. Because of the standard air bus layout, this meant we also shared the HUGE corridor between the bathrooms with all passengers behind row 15. FanFRIGENtastic. Even the buckle-your-safety-belt sign didn't deter me from the stake I had claimed.  If anyone, including Frowny Magee in the last row thought it would somehow be better for me to return to my seat with said screaming baby, they were just as nuts as Charlotte.

We finally touched down and what do you know, Lotti chilled out and the clearly annoyed passengers  around us realized she happens to be the most charming little girl in the whole wide world.  I mean that dimple and those big 'ol eyes- good luck holding a grudge against my kid.

Nothing cheered me up quicker (lowered my blood pressure is more like it) than the sight of my very best friend and her two kiddos holding a sign that read "Welcome to Charlotte Charlotte!" Ah, we had arrived.

In addition to non-stop gabbing (dishing, get the picture) it was the BEST to be around my bud that I can talk to about all things baby and non-baby related. It can be tough to get a word in edgewise in a group of women (ok, group of moms particularly- no offense, it's just that we have so much to SHARE-one of my reasons for blogging-helloooooo?) I think Steph and I really give each other the respect we deserve.

Just a few of the simple tidbits I took away from our trip:
1. Preparations and Intentions only go so far and sometimes you just have to be the lady with the screaming baby. It's God's way of humbling us.
2. No matter how much trouble I am having with patience for the teething and growing 11-month old,  if someone else shows signs of such, well...Mama Bear has been poked and that's not advisable.
3. Putting a bunch of food on your baby's tray and letting her feed herself may be messy but boy is it fun.
4. When people visit your house, you should absolutely have a Welcome Basket in their room. Mostly because it's the best thing ever.
5. Pumpkin candles burning in the kitchen are amazing. duh.
6. Putting cute clothes on in the morning IS an option, even though you're a stay-at-home mom
7. Not everyone's baby poops in the bathtub.
8. Not everyone's new non-California city is as small as Boise. Whaaaat?
9. Traveling will never be the same again. Being away from the father of my child (my one and only boo) is tougher than ever before.
10. I am so blessed and thankful for my besties. We represent more than a few states now (not officially, although I wouldn't count it out #whydoIlovepolitics), and even still, when we are together it's like we're still roomies/dormmates #collegespeakfroma31yearold

I've been working slowly on this post since we got up today at 5:38am.
There's more to come on our travels back home...Second leg troubles us again and this time with an overbearing helper.

Happy Thursday and Go Tar Heels.