Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mmmmm this sure is tasty

As always I find myself being a struggler...

I was feelin' pretty cool. No recent migraines, done PMSing (some are more involved than others in that whole thing, lucky), most body parts are of normal size, good things like this in my world...

Until I woke up Monday morning, with the Shoulder/Back version of Taco-Neck-Syndrome...late 90's reference, you love it. I stumbled around the apartment whimpering until it was time to head to the Doc's. And I'd like to just mention quickly, that if I was using Obama-care (do you see where this might lead?) there is just no frigen way I would've seen my fantastic Doctor the same day, not even within the same day, it was within the same hour! And did I mention he knows how to adjust a back even though he's not a Chiropractor...or maybe he was giving me a hug? It helped regardless.

I left. Back adjusted and a prescription in hand...for a muscle relaxer. Yes there may be a pattern here lately that includes me taking drugs (legal ones mostly). BUT, I will have you know that I don't EVER take the entire bottle...I save at least half to sell to adolescents, like any other upstanding entrepreneur. Gotta pay off the taxes I owe somehow right?....did you see what I just did there?

After the work day, I popped one of those little yellow babies (never having taken such things before) and crashed before 7:30...and woke up about 11 hours later. My fave.

I was in SUCH a great mood the next day. Things that just don't happen in the morning for me, happened indeed:

After a swig of my road-coffee on the way to work I said aloud, "Mmmm this sure is tasty." There's almost never a reason to say tasty at 7 in the morning, or any other time during the day.

While doing my make-up in the car, the usual fury for mineral powder dusting over fine cloth upholstery didn't exist at all. "Oh that'll give me an excuse to get this beaut a wash on Saturday!" Okay, I avoid putting gas in my car at all costs (it's a waste of my valuable time). Really? A car wash? I don't think so.

I find myself bewildered, once again, at how meds can just be so...damn good. Until day 4 of them when I turn into an emotional beast. This round, I stopped at day two, uh thank you.

I love experiencing new things.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Just totally wild

It's been a while, but it's happened before...

where I share just how crazy I am. Like when I put my shoes underneath the coffee table instead of in their designated slot in my hanging shoe organizer. Just nutty...or letting an issue of "People" just hang out on the couch, instead of where we all know it belongs- in the magazine holder next to the floor lamp.

Oddly enough I've been told I'm actually a pretty good time (this is where I subtly convince you that I'm just a little crazy, or that it's just in the privacy of my own home, maybe you'll think it's endearing???)...It just comes down to this: At the end of the day, I can't be expected to be content when my throw pillows are in any other position than those in which they live. It's just not going to happen. Have I mentioned I'm really not a fan of germs and large crowds? Judgy wudgy was a bear...

Without (hopefully) sounding really nuts, I will say that being in a relationship (like a REAL one) challenges some of my, I dunno, quirks.

I don't want to go off on how MY stellar man-friend makes me reflect on my soooooooul... (maybe you didn't attend a Christian University and haven't heard this sort of tale before, let's just try to keep up regardless) but the truth of the matter is when you spend the majority of your time with someone (yes the majority, it IS possible without shacking up) one ends up compromising every now and then. I used to think compromise was something to steer clear of, go ahead and try to avoid it forever, see where it gets ya.

Recently I a major way. Let's just say that the man is in debt BIG TIME. Let's just also say that I went to "Metal Fest." That's entire festival dedicated to none other than, Heavy Metal. My strategically tattered jean shorts and plain black tee somehow didn't "fit me in" like I'd hoped. Shoulda worn my 18-hole Doc Martins (next time).

Metal Fest provided the following for me:

1. Moments of complete terror...and also confusion (you didn't see some of those piercings okay)

2. Exposure to what is referred to as a Mosh Pit- Mom, look it up

3. Others' bodies and odors in my what I like to keep VERY personal space

4. New ideas about fashion (not really)

5. The title "Coolest girlfriend ever."

I do what I can. Even if it's just totally wild...

Go MegaDeath???