Thursday, February 26, 2009

Am I crazy or what?

I realized (more like remembered) this morning that I am a bit crazy-just a little bit. I have all these trivial "rules" set for myself as I get ready for the day, all enforced in a matter of 20 minutes. The funny thing is...I don't generally follow rules! I don't run red lights or anything, but just look at what I'm doing right now for instance! I'm at work and writing on my blog. Hello?! Clearly I'm not an average least not other people's rules I guess.

By the time I got ready and out the door this morning I had followed more than a sane (using that term loosely) amount of rules.
1. Only hit snooze once...twice is so not allowed.
2. Don't wear silver jewelry if there is gold anywhere on your shoes...even if it's just a buckle that is semi-covered by your pants.
3. Don't leave blow dryer or any other hair appliance plugged in. On the sink, no problem, on the sink and plugged in, not okay.
4. Put the hangers your clothes came off of in the laundry basket in the closet, not on the bed...especially not shared amongst both locations; like the shirt hanger in the basket and the one from your pants on the bed. No, no no.
5. Don't wear a headband and big earrings, nor glasses and big earrings. Too much!
6. Only wear a bangle when you're not wearing a ring on the same hand. Same reason as rule number 5!
7. Put empty water bottle sitting on the nightstand in the recycling bin in the kitchen, don't let it sit there all day!

Am I crazy or what? The craziest part of it all is that I'm actually a pretty laid-back woman! I'm a fricken "Yellow" and an "ESFP" for goodness sake! References=The Color Code and Myers Briggs personality tests (totally worth checking out sometime! It'll give you insight into your own craziness!)
Imagine if we wrote down all the quirky thoughts (or rules in my case) that went through our heads in a given day. I've shown just a snap shot of my insanity...only 7 rules out in the open, for all to see.
A Czech man I met in Basil, Switzerland said something that I still love quoting 'til this day. "If I wrote down everything I thought, I'd be writing all day long...with both hands!" Amen Tomas. Sounds even better in your broken English.
So fabulous reader, I hope you too take this lovely Thursday to think about how crazy YOU are.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A better Monday than the last

Last Monday at this time I was feeling like death...and lookin' like it too!

This Monday begins a new week and a new and hopefully improved blonde. I started the day off with 45 minutes of cardio and some squats. My fantastic roomate (who has no morning commitments but still wants to get up at 6:30am to be my work-out buddy) and I have commited to getting our Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays started just like this morning, with an energetic workout. We'll change it up...doing things like swimming, walking, running and maybe taking a class at the gym. I figure not only will this help me feel good in my oh so silky bridesmaid dresses, but it might even put me in a better mood before work, making me like junior highers a little more perhaps? Oh did I mention my free weights had dust bunnies all over them? (there's my confession for the day!)

This week I return to bartending on Monday nights. There's nothing I hate more than feeling enslaved to my frenemies Sallie Mae and At&t, oh and the Portuguese man who collects my rent. I will file taxes this week, then anxiously wait for my tax return or IOU, depending on how our country decides to compensate me for my hard work.

All of these trivial things (trivial in the grand scheme really) put me in check. If I am on top of my finances and other adult-ish life stuff (boo!) and spending time doing things that make me feel alive (like working out!) somehow my whole world seems better. This sounds dramatic, but hang in there...It's like my perspective, self-image and outlook become...better. A part of that better-ness would include my outlook guessed it-DATING. Okay hopefully you didn't just just throw up a little in your mouth. I of all people (evidence for this in blogs below) hate dating. However, I can't help but feel better (that might be the 100th time I used that adjective in this blog) about the whole dating thing.

A friend of mine recently enlightened me. We'll call him Mr. A...or perhaps "Master of the females" (that's a little shout out for you Mr. A, in case you didn't catch it). This master-mind and I often talk about men/women stuff, dating, blah blah blah. He has truly mastered the art form of picking up on women, in a totally non-scummy way. Actually I would say he has just mastered simply talking to women (yup, that's all it takes!) His M.O: leave a woman better than when you met her. Anyway, after my blabbering on about one of the P1-4's he made a great point. "Don't jump through any hoops. YOU are the prize. YOU are....(insert nice compliments here)"

My response= huh? first. Now, after chewing on that for about 2 weeks, I'm a slow learner, I realize...That's right! I've been focusing so much on not being so harsh and making men jump my hoops that I've forgot to be aware not to jump theirs! And truly, the nice guys (who hopefully don't finish dead last) won't have these ridiculous hoops. More where that came from, but only so much time today...Anyway, Thank you Mr. A. You are a gem.

More on new perspective to come. Perhaps in a Tangeant Tuesday segment ;)

Nothin but love,
Blonde Story Short

Friday, February 20, 2009

Back to work today

So I'm finally back to work for my one-day work week...after this week's madness (read the story about Garrot). I am dazed and confused today, still on hard-core antibiotics and Wal-fed. Wal-fed is Sudafed made by Walgreens...aka cheaper drugs. I'm looking a bit haggard but am perfectly okay with it.

One of the students today said, "Hey...why is your hair..." I attempted to finish his question. "...disheveled? struggling? man-handled?" He was having trouble finding the word he was looking for. "I'm sick" I tried to explain. A lightbulb went on for little Johnathon.

"Oh. That's why your hair looks like that?"


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Garrot the Carrot gave me MONO!

I'll be honest with you, my faithful readers, it's possible all of what I'm about to write may be cloudy and un-understandable, being that I am hopped up (or down rather) on Decongestants and Antihistamines. I'm going to attempt articulacy...side note: is it possible drugs make my spelling better? That and losing 3 lbs in the last 3 days might make this all worth while.

I felt a little sick 2 weeks ago and have been one of those snotty yet functional kids ever since. Although I survived my Friday night date without sneezing or coughing all over the fellow, Saturday afternoon I started to feel GNARLY. Throat scratchy, ears achy, head congested and overall dissatisfaction led me to a hot shower. Once out of the shower, carefully so not to fall into the wall heater, I realized I had a rash...all over my body! This is where I start to weep a little. Who has a rash like this? This cannot be right. And might I add, going without health insurance seems like a fantastic idea right now. NOT. With some help from Tylenol PM I finally fell asleep. Oh and may I add...this was my Valentines' Day! Bummer.

The next morning, no better. I drove to Walgreens (gotta love your local Pharmacists who scare the crap out of you!) and was told that I better quickly partake in some Benedryll so that I didn't dive into an anaphalactic shock. Cool. I slept and watched the "E" channel all day and still, no better.

Then it was Monday...still rashy and everything else, I drive (in the rain) to San Diego Health Clinic, always a treat getting those free services. It was closed, like every other clinic today...Happy Birthday Presidents! I started driving without a sure destination in mind and ended up parked in front of the Urgent Care building across from my gym. Because of its location I used to think it was one of those nasty clubs on Rosecrans...touche. It is a hospital! The closest thing to naked women was me looking haggard in one of those backless robes. I waited for about an hour and a half before seeing the Doctor. Although I am a pretty independent gal, these situations are super tough to be in alone. I have amazing friends, one of which insisted she come wait with me and I refused...after all, who really wants to be in an urgent care waiting room on their day off...not me! By the time I was in the exam room, with the backless robe on, I was in a vulnerable state to say the least. The Dr walked in looking at the chart and said the standard, "So you're Sara..." as he looked up at me he continued, "and you're crying." "Yea..." "Why?" While simultaneously blowing my nose I answered," I just don't feel good and this rash is freakin me out!" He did the best a male could comforting a female stranger and began doing all of the things Doctors do...looking in my nose and ears with a mini-flashlight and making me take deep breaths. Oh he pushed on my liver and spleen too. Diagnosis..."I'm thinkin' you have MONO."

MONO? The only experience I have had with Mono is when my sister got it at the age of eight and came home from the doctor's crying "Garrot the Carrot gave me mono!" Apparently the red-headed boy at school (named Garrot) had mono and spread it amongst his classmates. And now, 19 years later, Garrot the Carrot's sister has mono! Ok it's not totally certain yet. I found out about 30 minutes ago that the blood test came back negative but Dr. Urgent Care thinks I still might have it, since it can take up to a week to show. Awesome. So now my instructions are to go fill the antibiotic prescription (which will cost $90 in addition to my $200 visit), stop by Urgent care again to pick up some free nose spray (not my favorite thing to get for free but I'll take it) and continue taking the Sudafed and "no more itchy rash" meds. I'm hoping to do all of this when one of my beloved girlfriends comes over to help me with these errands in a little bit. Until then, I'll sit here in my robe (not a backless one), drink green tea, go through another roll of toilet paper blowing my nose and possibly do my taxes online.

Turns out the "rain" wasn't what gave me the rash at all! No big deal, it was just the MONO!

Happy Tuesday everybody!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

All this "rain" gave me a rash!

So I have a few modows in life-not to be confused with cliches, I'm so against cliches. One of the many modows (some of which can also be considered blanket statements) is "When it pours!"

I often use this one in reference to my love life. Although it can seem like a drawn out drought, when it comes to dating...when it rains it pours!

So this week, I played the role of a pursuee. (Note: I use the word "pursue" and it's noun forms loosely and mostly because the word "prospect" sounds a little demeaning.) Not only 1,2, or 3, but FOUR pursuers were involved in this version of Sara Hates Dating. I hate dating for many reasons which include but are not limited to words like awkward, uncomfortable and Is anybody else watching this?! These feelings of mine will be described in detail in a later blog entry I'm sure.

It started out with Pursuer #1 (P1). P1 has been lethargically "pursuing" since July. He writes me weekly (not in the romantic letter/stamp way) but rather in the 20-something technological form...Facebook. Oh what social networking sites have done to our generation! So, ideas for meeting each other had been thrown around-we only know of each other via a mutual friend with great intentions :) There are some positive aspects to getting to know each other slowly and without the pressure of face-to-faceness, I must say. Since July there have been numerous Facebook messages (the more private option on "The Face"). Statements like "I think we'll really hit it off" blah blah blah. We hadn't written since before Christmas...the longest stretch without writing yet. Clearly (in my mind at least) this message saga had fizzled out. After all, I'm not really in the market for a pen pal! Welp, good 'ol P1 has attempted to start it back up! Really? What's the point??? I'm tired already.

Pursuer #2 (P2) was one of those "we keep running into each other, we should hang out" situations. Okay sometimes the question "Is there a cosmic reason we keep running into each other?" gets added to the last statement. Oy. Anyway, P2 was too wimpy to get my number at the last run in. Instead he awkwardly asked me before I left, " where do you live?" I wanted to rescue the poor guy and his attempt by stating the obvious, "You mean, can you have my number? Sure. Why not?" So, without a number guessed it, back to Facebook. Starts out as a wall post (very public) then moves to a message (the true sign of intentions in social site world) The message involved an ask out to coffee. Since the previous, P1, took me down "Facebook never turns to phone" road, I decided to make life easier for everyone by replying to the message and leaving my phone number so we could "...figure the coffee plans out." Between the two of our Facebook messages, Thursday was looking like the best night for a coffee date. Here's what goes on in my mind (the very simplified version) "He has my number. I said Thursday worked for me. He'll call Thursday for a Thursday night date." Wrong. No call. Friday night rolls around and I'm out on a date with Pursuer #3 (who you'll soon meet). Inside Information: P3's chances are looking up compared to the other yahoos at this point. P2 text messages me. Clearly he got my reply on Facebook as he now has my number, yet mentions nothing about the lack of a Thursday call/coffee, but asks what I'm up to on this Friday evening. Is anybody else watching this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. I text messaged him back and told him I was exhausted (totally the truth) and was staying in for the night (not totally the truth). Today I found myself updating a friend on P2's status and yelling in a dramatic fashion, "Is chivalry dead?!" I guess I'm just supposed to overlook this flaky act and assume he forgot or something? Guess what P2...I'm a busy gal and have a schedule here! I said Thursday because I'm booked on Friday! Heeeeeeeeeeello?!

The P3 date went well. Super fun and "Happy Hour" turned into "Happy lots of hours"...until 1 in the morning to be precise. I like a man who can hold a convo for 10 hours straight. It's impressive. When I told my Dad about my evening he asked, "He didn't try to get you intoxicated did He?" I responded, "Of course not! If I were intoxicated I wouldn't be able to hold a stimulating conversation, which is clearly what all guys are after!" We laughed.

Pursuer #4 is someone who should have been out of the running weeks ago! He likes to text message me every now and then and remind me of his existence (as if I need the help). After some text banter this week, he asked what I was doing on "Singles' Awareness Day" aka Valentines' Day. I responded, "If you want to take me on a DATE just say so." No response from P4. Since he's the guy who wants you to "come over and we'll get a 30-pack" this does not surprise me.

Since I've become accustomed to droughts, this busy week really stressed me out. Too much stimulation or something! Whatever it gave me a rash! That's right, rash on left foot, both thighs and forehead. All I can say is when it rains it pours and apparently I don't like being "pursued" as much as I'm supposed to because instead of feeling flattered...I feel itchy!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Education Inspiration by Garabito

"Once upon a time their was a girl who was from Mexico which she talked Spanish. She moved to San Diego to go to school. When she went to the school the students talked english. When she knew that everyone talked english she felt lonely because no one understood what she said. She said in Spanish that she needs help with her homework, "Necesito ayuda con la tarea." When she told that to them they got confused and didn't understand what she said.
After she was trying to find someone that speaks her language. She couldn't find anyone that talks her launguage in her class. When the teacher saw the girl that speaks spanish the teacher went to go talk to the principal. When the teacher talked to the principal the teacher told the principal that she has a student in her class that speaks spanish. The principal got the student that speaks spanish and the principal was trying to find her a teacher that can teach her english. The teacher was looking all over for a spanish teacher but she didn't find one. So the principal decided to teach the student english herself.
The principal was teaching the student english in the morning before school started. It took time to teach her english. But when the principal was done teaching the student english she could understand what the students told her and her teacher. She remembered that at the beginning when she didn't know English the teacher had asked her where was she from but she couldn't answer it that time because she didn't know English. But now she can.
She went to class and when the teacher asked her another question she could answer it this time. The teacher asked her what is her favorite hobbies and she answered proudly because she knew English. She answered, "playing basketball."
Now she could understand when people talked to her in English thanks to her principal."

This is a story written by one of the students on my 7th grade case load. She is an English learner, her first language is Spanish. This is an assignment writing about the importance of language in Humanities class. I was inspired by it and it has become one of those mornings where I realize how much I'm inspired by being in education...a little something I like to call Education Inspiration!

Gracias a Seniorita Garabito

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Junior High Dance-O-Rama

There is a dance today. We used to call them Sock Hops...apparently I'm old.

One word: WOW

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't judge me...although you probably should

I left work today to walk to Starbucks. The first offense being that I probably shouldn't leave work for coffee, although everyone else does. Trust me, a break was in order (as you can imagine based on the previous vent from earlier today).

I've realized this week that I have an odd LOVE for pre-algebra. Like really odd. I like it a lot.
I committed to two dates this week...with two different males...on different nights, at least I'm a strategic planner!
I once gave a hobo my number. See several blogs below.
When I see albums on Facebook entitled "We're Engaged!" I do a standard eye roll and X out of the page instantly.
I make fun of various accents in my head upon hearing them.
Last but not least...I play on the internet (ie update blog, the face, the space, email) while simultaneously tutoring students.

Don't judge me...although you probably should.

Cold crab

Today I have a cold.

I have a cold and I'm crabby.

Basically I'm a cold crab.

The kids aren't making it any better, unfortunately I'm wearing an itchy sweater, at least the weather isn't wetter, I hope you like my little letter.

that's it for now.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Routine check up

Why is Routine so hard?

Maybe it isn't so hard for everyone, I know some that thrive on why is it so hard for me? I can't even wear a watch without feeling trapped! I finally have a job that has me in a routine. I get up at 7:15 (7:30 realistically), eat a quick bowl of cereal (with flax seed on top if I'm really on the ball that morning), stare into space for a few minutes as I resent leaving my memory foam mattress. Brush teeth, wash face, contacts in (yay for being able to see), make-up on, do something with hair, scan closet for professional clothes (always a struggle not to throw on standard hoodie and holey jeans), ...and out the door for work at 8:00am. Thank God I work 3 minutes away, otherwise we would all be in trouble...and when I say we, I mean me.
I stayed home from work last Wednesday since I was starting to feel the relentless I-work-with-dirty-kids-cold. I love, love, looooooved staying home on the couch, sleeping, and spending time with my boyfriend-his name is TIVO...very faithful to always doing what I program him to. After a day off, not to be confused with a paid day off, I had a really hard time getting back into my "routine." Such a hard time, I took Friday off much for being responsible. oops.
Today I had to run across the street to one of our other schools to turn in some paperwork. Just leaving our building for a few minutes (in the rain unfortunately) was like a high or something. Anything to get me out of my normal routine, doing something out of the ordinary daily schedge. What is about routine that just utterly kills some of us, me in this particular situation?
It's like the life of a 20-something becomes all about routine. A routine alarm setting (never mind the snooze button factor), a routine list of tasks, routine check ups and routine weekly obligations...The only thing I really enjoy is my routine paycheck! And the whole reason I like that routine is so that I can spend it doing things outside of my routine! Is this what life has to become? I guess if all it takes is a 30 feet walk to paperwork land or maybe a stroll to Starbucks on my lunch hour to spice up the routine, it can't really be that bad. I just can't help but wonder if it ever gets any better. Am I ever going to be someone who can appreciate routine? According to every personality test...probably not. I'm an ESFP (Myers Briggs) and a YELLOW (the color code) and that might just mean that I will never...not being confined to a routine.
I sometimes think (wishful thinking I suppose) about being a stay-at-home mom someday. Yes, that's right...I want babies. Will that be the only time in my life (at least pre-retirement) that I'll be able to make my own schedule/routine? And even then, aren't you on lock-down and a prisoner to the kids' schedule ie: naps, school, bed times? Does it pretty much just suck for a free-spirited gal until she doesn't have to work AND is done raising children? If so, bummer.
How do we let the inevitable routine check ups of life not get us down?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Abuelita Bonita

This was a prompt that my kids were required to write about a motherly figure. They are reading The Joy Luck Club and exploring relationships with females. I responded to the prompt as well so that I could give an example...and of course because I love to write!

Of the many, many INCREDIBLE women in my life, I chose to write about my Grandma.

The motherly person in my life that I chose to write about is my grandmother. Her full name is Mary Margaret Eva Lucille Morgan but she goes by Lou. Most people call her "Grandma Morgan" because whether you're her grandchild or not, she treats you as if you were. Abuelita Bonita (my special name for her: translation Beautiful Little Grandma) is 83 years old. She has raised or been a significant part in raising every person in our family. For me specifically, she was a key peice of childhood. She is the grandmother of 19 and the great grandmother of 27 children. Since the love of her life (that would be me!) is two hours south in San Diego, the substitute is Jack, her chihuahua/terrier. She is a woman that is selfless and knows what unconditional love is.

Abuelita Bonita is a genuinely selfless woman. No matter what it is she needs or wants, she will put it aside for me. When I was a little girl, she would give me the JCPenny catalogue to circle the new clothes I wanted for the school year...most consisted of denim-like articles with flowery patterns. She made sure that no matter what it was that I needed, she would find a way to provide it. This was true of her relationship with my mother as well. Because my mom worked full-time and was a single parent, Abuelita would pick me up from school and have dinner ready for all of us by the time Mom got off work. This was a true blessing to my mom and I. 'Til this day, when I'm at home visiting, Mom gets off work and rushes to Grandma's so that the three of us can have a delicious home-made meal.

Abuelita loves unconditionally. I know without a doubt that no matter what I do, good choice/bad choice and in between, my Grandmother will be there to support me. She will have an opinion as well, but it will never be said in a way that hurts or discourages. She is wise and knows what it means to truly love someone unconditionally, the way she loves my mom and me. Many people in our family have made poor choices (don't we all from time to time) and even hurt my grandmother in the process. Whether they admitted or apologized, Grandma forgives and forgets. She is a tough woman but you wouldn't know it!

(Now do you know how to write an intro and two descriptive paragraphs including examples? Great!)

Note: If you are blessed enough to have a Grandma- Call her today and see how she's doing...and ask about her dog too!!!

Tangeant Tuesday

I went to Denny's this morning for a FREE grand slam. Awesome way to start off my Tuesday. Still made it to work by 8..ish.

I took some of my kids into a conference room today to work on some math problems in a small group. Nick, an interesting character, sat at the head of the table and said, "I am in charge of this meeting and today we will talk about....CHEESE!" I'm still laughing.

My mom is coming down this weekend and we just planned our tentative agenda: lunch, pedi's, movies, and Wine Bar! So stoked.

Today as we read a science article in class I'm reminded of Billy Madison (Adam Sandler's character) over and over again:
1. We're learning about Chlorophyll...I am tempted beyond belief to yell out "Chlorophyll? More like BOREophyll!"
2. One of my kids has a super rough speech imped. Poor guy! When I listen to him read I can't help but think "Ta, ta, today Junior!" Thank God the sweet Norwegian kid helps him as he reads. Every two words, Kristen patiently chimes in..."that's nucleoid" ...con, con, "confining" or, org, "organic." Thanks Kristen .

The speech imped kid (I'm so PC) struggles with reading as well as getting it out. My attention was caught immediately when he said orgasm instead of organism. What does your teacher have you researching today?! Oops. Let's try that word again. The worst part is the other 3 kids laughed and knew what that word meant! 7th grade is a lot different than it used to be. One of the kids made my horrification (I can make up words if i want to) known by yelling and pointing, "Miss Sara, your face is completely RED!" Thanks for that observation Miranda!

Today I have to go do some Bridesmaid duty (Maid of Honor, actually..bragging). I'll be getting measured at the 'ol Martinizer for my dress. YIKES. Hope that Grand Slam didn't add on inches this morning!

Almost Wednesday. We're 1/2 way there!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Grace Face part duex.

I had a thought this morning in my mad rush to get ready for work. FYI, I normally roll outta bed at the last possible second, leaving just enough time to look semi-presentable. I had an idea of what I would wear today since the weather finally permits warm dresses! So, I slipped on my paisley frock and was very intentional about the 3/4 sleve brown cardi I wanted from way in the back of my shark's teeth closet (rows that go deep, but are only about 2 feet wide in total, extremely inconvenient).

I knew exactly what I wanted, this particular sweater almost always gets paired with this particular dress, I'm a creature of habit (admittingly not always good habits). As I reached back into the back row of the shark's mouth, I initially grabbed a purple not the appropriate brown cardi I had my heart set on. I quickly put it back without hesitation and grabbed for the sweater I really wanted. Generally I'd mull over the purple one and play with the idea of changing my entire outfit for it. So illogical. Today, I did not do this. If the purple sweater isn't exactly what I want, why would I wear it or even pull it out of the closet for more than the few seconds it takes to realize its insufficiency.

This is how I need to be with men! If I can be this precise and clear of my expectations in my closet, why not in my dating life? So, next time you read one of my blogs about a "purple sweater" you'll know exactly what I'm referring to!