Saturday, January 31, 2009

Once upon a Rosecrans...

Once upon a time, off of Rosecrans Street, lived a blonde and a little asian. These roommates decided that the new year should bring revamps to their sweet little 1950's house, owned by the crafty Portuguese man living behind them.

Their precious home included Craigslist couches from the hood of Golden Hills, an Ikea kitchen table and Ross decor (Honestly their slogan should change from "Dress for Less" to Decorate for less!) On the last Saturday morning of January, a surprisingly hot one, they decided their kitchen needed some fancy-ing up. They wanted their faux wood kitchen table to become black and "shabby" and the newly purchased shelf (originally green before the spray paint kick) to be hung and adorned with candles. duh.

They began spray painting-using canned paint and brushes is so 1990. Comments flew like "We should have a furniture business" and "No wonder gangsters do this, this is fun!" The table had been turned black and 2 and 3/4 of the 4 chairs were done. Good thing their front "yard" was made of one likes black grass. The sweet asian took a trip to Ace Hardware, where they pressure young unassuming girls to get an "Ace Rewards card," and picked up two more cans. During the ran outta paint hiatus, the blonde child hung up the now-black shelf and did some rearranging to the best of her abilities. Without a handy ruler, hammering nails in a straight line had been a struggle since she could remember...flashes of decorating dorm room walls plagued her.

The roomie and the spray paint arrived and the project was finished...almost. Now it was time to sand those suckers down...for the "shabby" effect of course. Random spots were being scratched by the now sweaty blonde while S.A. (sweet asian) made the finishing touches on "blackening" the remaining parts of the kitchen set.

The ladies were proud of their work and sang along to the music facing out the window at them. They hauled the awkward objects back into the house and didn't worry about scratching them on the door ways (that was the point of their whole project! Shabby).

And now their house is EVEN cuter than before. They celebrated by washing off the black all over their arms and went to the beach.

great day.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things to Do

So tonight at job #2 my busser buddy and I found a piece of paper on a table (which by the way is normally super annoying. We're supposed to clean up your food and linen napkins, not all the trash you just cleaned out of your purse). The top of the paper said "Things to do." Instead of throwing it away we thought we'd have some fun. I definitely don't remember the entire list, although I did read it aloud at the end of the night to the bartender and 2 barflies still standing, we all died! I thought I'd share some highlights here with all of you.

We'd jot a few more down in between taking orders and running food out, then yell to eachother "Hey I just wrote 2 'em...they're funny!"

"Things to do:"

prostate exam
go to Circuit City
spank some little boys
wash my underwear
purchase some crack cocaine
bus table 57
buy Preparation H creme
find out Sara's "inside source"
bone out
open a sweat shop-find some Asians
eat a lamb shank
kill Jim (the sassy male bartender)
take Rex to the vet
Buy more Preparation H
stop sweating...

Don't you wish I could be YOUR server?!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whining and Wonderful Wednesday. I'm by polar.

So first I'm going to whine. I don't like this weather! It's the WORST when your legs aren't recently shaven (as in it's been a little over 4 days) and you itch because you can feel it against your pants and your dry lizard skin!
I got home last night and nearly freaked out. I had to rip my clothes off and pull my hair out of my face before someone got hurt...I guess a shower might have helped my insanity but that seemed like a lot of work. I'm not sure I love junior highers. In fact I might be certain I don't. Those of you that follow this blog know that it is a miracle I have this job. So please don't think I'm an ungrateful brat. I am so very grateful for my position. I just have to say, in an annoying sad voice, I miss Kindergarteners! They just love you so much and they listen to every word you say and respond to things like "If you can hear my voice, put your hands on your head!" They also randomly say things like "Miss Morgan, you're a Princess!" Junior Highers on the other hand say things like (and I swear I am hearing this as I type) "...hold on you fart face!"

I have $18 in my bank account.
I'm really upset that I ate rice krispie treats yesterday...I made them for my kids, then partook like it was my job.

Okay time for Wonderful things...
I get to pick up my Bartending paycheck today, then my real job paycheck on Friday. My collectors will be stoked.
I have this Saturday off...first Saturday off in a while (excluding last weekend when I went to Big Bear of course)
I had a latte this morning, it was amazing.
Tonight I'll have dinner with my amazing Wednesday night dinner crew which now only includes event planners and teachers.

I can still hear them...
"Don't guess! Guessing gives you gas!"
"I just got shanked with a pencil!"
"Miss Sawa, where's the cot" (translation: Miss Sara, where's the cart?) Yes, some 7th graders have speech impediments.
"I'm finding information on this cell crap."
"Hey Kaysia, remember when I got jumped by a cat!"

Ok I think I'm spending too much time at school.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The $5 jar...emails from Mom

I have a special love in my heart for moms...really, really sweet moms. My mom is the sweetest, in an attempt to seem un-bias, she is one of the sweetest.

Last night I had Mother Theresa, "Aunt T" as the little cousins call her, on speaker phone while I packed my lunch for work today. She asked the question she always asks when I'm preparing anything, "So whatcha makin' good?" I reported back that I was making a taco salad with left-over meat I had in the fridge. She went on for about 3 minutes about how meat needs to be refrigerated and I should put it in the refrigerator at work (aka disgusting teachers' lounge fridge) immediately upon arrival.
"Got it. Thanks Mom."
She left me a message this morning reminding me of her helpful fun fact about meat and wrote me an email with the subject line "Read before your lunch hour" that included the same (yet again) information.

I wrote her back. "About my lunch...seriously? Mom you gotta relax. I got your message. I ate it. It was fine. I'm alive still. Take a breath. Love you"
She responded..." I promise to do better. I really have a hangup about food! And everything that might be even remotely hazardous in the universe-- Oy! Tell you what, every time I give dumb advice, I have to put a $5.00 in a jar, (that ought to help) I love you. I just want you to be well. I need to stop the crazy ;-) Or maybe it's big time crazy WITH A SIDE of crazy. Taking a deep breath.....Exhaling............"  Love, Mama

Although I get a little annoyed at thing runs through my mind, precious.
I'll let ya'll know when that jar has made me a millionaire...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grace Face

I had a conversation tonight with my incredibly intelligent and insightful roommate. It started out as most of our discussions do, talking about boys. Yes, I'm 24 years old, pay bills like nobody's biz and hold down two jobs...and still have conversations about "boys." Take your judging elsewhere :)

Anyway, we were talking about a "third party" gal who has the expectations of Charles Dickens. This gal went over 22 years without dating, simply because no one met her very, very straight and narrow expectations. When the story began with "3rd party" declining dates due to the prospect's lack of asking her father for permission first, I shared my opinion by pretending I was violently throwing up on the couch. Seriously? Live a little girlfriend!

Then the convo continued and we decided that it's only logical that if you widen your expectations the quantity (not necessarily quality) of options expands exponentially. We're a house of mathematicians. My internal epiphany which became external within seconds: If I know exactly what I want and throw out every "option" the minute he shows he's lacking a certain quality deemed important, I've limited the opportunity to 1) See if that quality shines through at a later time (like past the first conversation or date!) and 2) To get to know someone who may God forbid become a friend, if not a "prospect." Why does it have to be so intense?! And does it not seem obvious to anyone else that those qualities are not apparent in black and white but many, many gray ways. The way one person shows they are "caring" (perfect "list" quality example I think) can be completely different from the next. The problem I seem to run into is being such a Grace Face! I give grace (I know, I know, it's supposed to be one of those great Christian woman qualities blah blah) to every shmuck I meet. My middle name is Benefit of the doubt. Which of course makes my full name Sara Benefit of the doubt Elisabeth Morgan, nice ring to it don't you think? I pretty much NEVER EVER, even with males, females, friends, foes, whathaveyou, throw people out of the running. The saying "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"...more like "...Fool me twice and I'll probably attempt to make you a better person anyway."

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO not endorsing being the naive girl who doesn't trust her intuition, and continues to date losers after countless "I'm a bad guy" moves (like the extreme?) But I have to wonder if some of the expectations on our lists, figurative or written out like you're supposed to during your 4 years at a Christian University, are not always so out there and visible, but maybe begin to show after taking the time to get to know someone and getting beyond his (or her) exterior.

So there again lies a case for balancing. Give grace, keep your middle name "Benefit of the Doubt" and still keep the expectations high and...existent!

Note: To my male readers, I hope the terms "option" and "prospect" don't offend you. I do not mean to make you feel like a cheap sweater or pair of shoes I'm looking to purchase, but more to keep it easily understood...solely for clarification purposes, not to objectify you ;)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How do I do that???

So I've been recently working on being ME all the of my many "Self-Improvement in the mid twenties-isms" I'm really good at being ME most of the time, but would LOVE to be one of those extremely confident and secure women who is just herself in every given situation...all instead of most of the time!

There are times when I definitely hold back and it's generally because of the company I'm in at that given moment. The funny thing is it's an epic battle internally to hold back because my natural inclination is to give my all, all the time, with relationships especially (By the way, I HATE when people say exspecially, there's no X! Don't mind my tangent)

Anyway, I have talked to many wise people, females in particular, who have helped me realize that my normal state and being is very vulnerable and it's a balancing act to be who I naturally am and keep my heart safe. I generally do and say things in a way that make who I am very much exposed to pretty much whoever is listening. The problem is: not everyone I come in contact with is safe for exposure...if ya catch my drift. There are people that have and will in the future take advantage of the vulnerability, use tid bits, or massive bits for that matter, of information against you, or even pull back themselves because your raw self is TOO MUCH!

I'm trying to be myself all the time, which is as aforementioned vulnerable, but I'm supposed to be smart in who I'm vulnerable with...How do I do that???

I don't want to be one of those people, especially one of those christian people, who only associates with "like minded" people...or for lack of a better term, people that are pretty much clones of themselves. I want to be open to knowing people of all different walks and being known by them as well. I want to show who I really am and be ME all the time, without hesitation. I'm thinking it's an issue for more than just myself, but am wondering how many people are actually aware of this balancing act...of their actions and hesitations around certain individuals, or maybe even people in general.

So I guess it's all "hands-on learning" just like teaching kids. We're supposed to learn by doing and being in situations that test all of this stuff. Taking each conversation and each relationship as it comes, being genuinely ME (or YOU) and being just so slightly on guard that we're aware when red flags are put up and people are displaying signs, or clues as I like to call them, that they aren't safe territory or maybe even capable of REAL PEOPLE and REAL-NESS.

I think this is the whole point. Figuring out how to love people...without tremendously hurting ourselves in the process.

Chew on that.............................................and on a lighter note, Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things getting me through the week

Turkey bacon and egg whites this morning for bfast, talking to my precious Grandma (especially when she tells me Jack, her dog says hi), being able to use a laptop at work, getting a T-shirt for tomorrow's jog-a-thon, having a 3 day work week- Monday MLK day and Friday off cuz I'll be in Big Bear, looking forward to Big Bear shananaganz, cards in the mail (sometimes with Trader Joes gift cards in them) from my mom, Wednesday night dinners with my best friends, not serving for the rest of the week, having my laundry done as of yesterday, fresh sheets on my bed, the smile on one of my kids' face when I rewarded her with candy today, knowing another pay check is coming in a week, my roommate returning home tonight, my car running well, getting lots of rest!

Peace and love.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You know the guy hitting on you is a HOBO when....

1. His dog is waiting for him outside the bar, and at times actually joins him in the bar.
2. He has a backpack.
3. When asking for your number he pulls out a non functioning cell phone... typical collecting of random found items.
4. When the cell phone clearly doesn't work, he pulls out a piece of paper and a black sharpie.
5. Instead of calling you, he wants to "come by" later...mostly because of the no phone situation and lack of housing...and money.
6. He wants to come to your house for the following purposes: to use your razor to shave, your shower to bathe and most likely your home for shelter.
7. His "story" leads you to believe he was once rich, handsome and smart.
8. His "friends" and he hang out outside "Stars and Stripes" liquor store drinking 40's, instead of on his "boat" cuz the "owner is cool."
9. Instead of buying you a beer he pulls one out of his shopping cart.
10. He is barefoot.

Okay the last two are a figment of my imagination, they did not really occur....the others however are fully accurate, but may have been embellished...slightly!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009's worth it!

This entry is NOT about what you think it's about! Church kids and their dirty minds! ;)

Yesterday on my way to the OC to check some dresses for my sis the bride of course, and one for me and the other bridesmaids, (aka the suckers who have to wear what I deem most flattering on big boobed girls) I got a very important phone call.

"Hi this is Sarah (I liked this chick already) calling from "...School"  (about 2 minutes from my house). I have your resume in front of me (who knew, when employers say they'll keep it on file they actually do!) and I have a position open working with 7th graders here at "...." I'm looking to fill the position right away. Please give me a call back."

Are you kidding me?! I've been holding out for a job just like this since I came home from traveling! It's a younger staff, incredible school, foot-in-door opportunity, and working with special needs kiddos! I had a few options over the past few months; nannying, working at Nord's, and a few other awesome gigs (that "awesome" is dripping in sarcasm) but I just felt there had to be something else. I am not making sufficient dinero now and in all practicality should have taken one of the other jobs daaaaaaaaaaays ago.

I'm not totally certain I have the position but have a pretty legit feeling about it, after having stayed 3 hours after the interview and seen how everything goes down at that school and what my position would be like...let me just say, it would be AMAZING!

So stay tuned.

And food for thought (I have no idea why that saying means what it means but you get the point) when you're looking for something that's just right for YOU's worth it!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am so NOT a screamer

I watch Sex and the City like it's my job. I've seen every episode and watch it nightly on channel 5 at 11:00pm (sometimes back to back with an episode at 11:30 too! Depending on how wild my week night gets.) I recently noticed Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie screams all...the...time. She screams when she's scared, excited or even as a flirting technique! A friend of mine who is the female version of a "BALLER" (classy, well dressed and very popular with the opposite sex) also is a screamer.

I noticed it when she was at my house doing nothing beyond the ordinary routine of brushing her teeth. Her and her boo were staying at my place and happened to be brushing at the same time. Because my bathroom lacks in space, they were both in the hallway, facing each other, and mumbling flirtations over mouth fulls of Colgate. Note: In a relationship where you're totally stoked on each other, even teeth brushing can be exciting...and worthy of a little scream apparently. In a fit of their teeth brushing/dancing/flirting sesh she screamed in excitement...or laughter maybe. Whatever the cause, there was a scream. Her boo thought it was nothing less than adorable of course.

I don't know why, but I feel so totally ridiculous when I scream. Not that it happens often but every now and then I give the "cute girl scream thing" a shot, and it honestly just does not work out for me.

Like this weekend, I saw a friend who I haven't seen in over a month. Upon the airport arrival hug, she screamed in excitement-a combo of being back in SD and seeing her dear friend (me). So since I was equally excited I gave it a go and screamed too. Then I just felt DUMB. No one else even noticed my half-assed attempt at a girly yelp, but I still couldn't help but feel ridiculous and uncomfortable in my own skin! I'm even a little embarrassed re-capping the scream incident in this post.

I have realized...I'll never be the girl whose idea of looking "ghetto" involves a Juicy suit and an intentionally "messy" pony tail. I don't look cute when I brush my teeth (generally I have toothpaste all over my face...and boobs). I don't have perfect make-up on from the night before and a matching french mani/pedi on the weekly.

As it turns out, I'm also SO NOT a screamer

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I read in "US weekly" (a very classy gossip magazine that I indulge in from time to time) that when asked what Kathy Griffin's New Years Resolution was for 2009, she answered "To eat more carbs!" Awesome.

Although my normal reaction to "New Years Resolutions" is to roll my eyes (I admit to being an eye-roller sometimes) I do think it's important to know what direction we're going in in the next 12 months.

In my world, 2009 will be a year of being Intentional.

2008 was a HUGE, and very long I might add, time for me. After working two jobs (one of which was extremely trying personally and spiritually), traveling through Europe to find I have ALOT going on in my head and my heart that I didn't even know about, then coming home to figure out what to do and how to deal with those things...

I am ready for a new year!

So this year is about being intentional. Intentional about even the small things. What I do with my time, how I take care of myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, how I love people, how I let people love me, and how I chose to see new and eye-opening (sometimes even appalling!) things each day. Being a positive person comes pretty naturally to me (even though my sarcasm lacks proving this at times) but even more than being generally positive, I want to see each and every situation and moment as a learning tool...........................................Am I meant to be a teacher or what?

Instead of asking what your "Resolution" is for 2009, I wonder what direction YOU are heading in...??????