Wednesday, October 22, 2014

35 Miles per Hour

We have made the move and are now Idahoans. Although I haven't spent too much time out and about (you can generally find me home unpacking, cleaning, cooking and engaged in other "nesting" activities) I have noted, sometimes dually, that there are things here that can only be explained with:


On the evening of Sunday October 5th (just over 2 weeks ago) we got into town and made a quick stop to fuel up the car, the final stop on the 1,000 mile trip before getting to our new home.  Since Meridian totally has a Costco (so mod) it only made sense to stop at our favorite warehouse's station. Expectant to find the usual line 5-8 cars deep, we rolled right up to get our cost-efficient gas.  The only way I could express how pleased I was..."How cute!"

Idaho happens to be a RED state. No commentary. One mere example of how this is different than anything I've ever seen (#Idaho)... There is one Planned Parenthood in town (I can think of two in PB alone) that happens to be on one of the streets I drive down- more on my quest to learn new directions later. Outside their one and only last Friday was none other than the Grim Reaper, scythe and all. Sure Halloween is coming up, but he was really there to make his opinion on abortion known. Just another day.

Since I may have just offended some, it seems like the right time to bring up Hobos. When you live somewhere that everyone else wants to live (namely any beach in Southern California) you find many homeless and transient teenagers that also want to live there. Idaho happens to be known for potatoes, so you see a lot less of this population. The few we have encountered (one time- and they happened to be in a group) were quite lively. On the streets of OB, one of my favorite little communities and former neighborhoods, this is not usually the case unless it's Farmers Market day and a drum circle has ensued. Here, the hobos had various instruments including a cowbell, were ALL smiles and even stood (not sat) to dance to their musical stylings. Where am I? #Idaho

Lastly for now, I couldn't have felt COOLER (not because of the weather being in the 50's) when the checker at Albertson's loaded up my Trader Joe's reusable totes and threw a "Cool bags!" my way.  I had to quietly mention the sentiment as we approached the exit...."Did ya hear that Honey? Cool bags."

Did I mention the speed limit here is 35 miles per hour? Life is slowing down in a number of ways...until December 18th!