Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I just really love milk

For some reason I have a really hard time getting on board with whatever everyone else is into. "Everyone" being relative and loosely based on social media and a whole lotta moms.
 I'm not trying to be controversial or stubborn. When (I should say IF) I do finally agree with the rest of the world that something is legit, it tends to be 3-5 years later. Ya know, once the hype has worn off and all the early adopters have proven a product or idea's longevity. If this means anything to you, I bought "Rainbows" after three years of being a college Point LOMA! If that proves nothing, sorry for the lame example. All this to say, sometimes there is hope for me even if I really hold out. Even so, I really don't see my opinion changing about milk and target. What? Yes.

Let's take them one at a time.

I love milk. Real milk. Coconuts, almonds and soy do not really make milk. Everyone knows that right? It is always shocking when friends find out I enjoy a frosty glass of milk with my dinner. I mean not at a restaurant or anything, just at home... I'm not trying to have the same order as my toddler. Seriously though, no one drinks milk anymore. Every cleanse, diet etc. (including one that I'm following now!) cuts out dairy. *I keep low fat milk and cottage cheese in my plan no matter what btw. The calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D are unparalleled! And if you even think about sending me an article debunking these merits, so help me.
I'm sure there are legitimate reasons for drinking hip almond milk (this seems to be what most non-real-milk drinkers chose instead) but if it's not because of stomach aches and is instead because everyone else is doing it- you stop that! Pick up a real mug of milk and enjoy your life. This is America.

Okay now this is where it gets really hairy...
Try to resist feeling genuine concern for my family and me.

I don't like Target.
I've felt this way for a while now. It's not political, it's not personal. I just don't like it. And I have to say this makes target lovers even more frustrated. If my dislike for Target was spurred because they decided to let grown men pee in the same restroom where I change my daughter's diaper, I know they'd totally get it. But the lack of one specific reason unfortunately makes it so upsetting. By the way disagreeing with that whole bathroom thing would obviously make me ignorant and probably racist so clearly that doesn't bother me at all. Without going into the why's of my opinion on Target (I'd like to keep friends and readers) I'll just say this- I love Costco so very much that there is just no more room in my heart for another store. How's that?

Um... I get a little annoyed with all things hipster too and.......

With nothing but LOVE,
Yours truly