Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Oh for crying out loud.

Oh for crying out loud.

No this is not my first post-baby post- where I talk about how much babies cry, out loud. I'll try to refrain from obvious-masked-as-*epipharyngeal-blogging when the time comes.
*Yes it's 4:30 in the morning and I just looked up the adjective for "epiphany." 

Nausea has interrupted my slumber and here we are.  Downstairs and writing in front of the new Heat Dish, a fantastic alternative to having the fireplace going. Did you know I live in Idaho and the current temperature is 4 degrees?  Of course you did.

Why on Earth (you ask) does this woman have nausea when she's been pregnant for like a year.  Or maybe you don't ask...but if you are or are observing one of the gazillion other expectant ladies right now, you could be confused. I too thought I was past the vomiting and feeling like I should be vomiting phase months ago. Falso (that's Spanish for False). It turns out my clockwork pregnancy got a bit off somewhere along the line and while I still have all the normal third trimester symptoms one "might be experiencing" according to Pregnancy apps/the worldwide web, I have a little something else too...

If and when I feel into getting all MOM Blog-y on here (you thought we already crossed that bridge? Trust me we could go deeper...like way deeper), I will go into the details. Long story short, what's going on makes it highly probable that my sweet Charlotte Grace will be here before we know it...and before her expected due date...more like any date. On a serious note, I am thanking God EVERY day that she is happy and active as can be in there and my body is the one struggling in these final crucial weeks. I think when she gets on the scene she'll be like, "Chill out I was doing fine...and do me a favor- swaddle me up would ya? I'm freezing out here."

What I'm "crying out loud" about (more for effect, than literally crying) is how annoying perspective can be. Let me give you a For Example (I hate when people say that but am feeling feisty- I prefer to get out of bed around 9) One of my typical preg-issues was a constant numbness + random fire-like feeling in my left leg. Before we moved out of San Diego I had a weekly, sometimes semiweekly Chiropractic appointments and was attempting to do stretches for the issue about 1,000x/day, per that Chiropractor. See Show 'em who's Boss post Guess what I think about non-stretched leg now? What leg?  I have a left leg? Maybe I'd notice the awesome sensations that leg promotes if I weren't so peeved that my entire body itches and I'm back to sleeping in 3 hour intervals. I know, I know, I should get used to it. I've heard.

Then I think about what my days were like pre-move/end of 2nd trimester...FILLED. I was working, packing, socializing, and being my general crazy self.  Wanna know what I did yesterday? I ate a breakfast burrito, finished reading the dog-earred articles of my Parents magazine, then sat in bed and glued stuff onto burlap Christmas stockings. What the....?!  Yea, this is my life and I have people reminding me to relax. Perspective. How can I even be mad about getting up early today?  What have I got to do?  After this morning's Doctor appointment... I got nothin'. I'll probably nap and then dive into the next chapter of my What to Expect: The First Year reference. Which I am LOVING by the way.

If it's not painfully obvious, I am unwisely (some would say) anxious for my baby to come.  While I should be loving every minute of nothing-to-do-ness, I am actually anticipating the excitement of her delivery and getting up at 4 in the morning to see her little face (instead of to eat an untoasted bagel in my robe and whine to the world)

Still smiling.

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Phase One

Well guess who made a friend today?

You guessed it...I'm guessing.

I'm not all that concerned that this is going to be problematic since I might live in the friendliest town in America.  I do put a big emphasis, probably too big, on making friends as quickly as possible- in my head. I try not to make this too obvious in social settings when these opportunities actually come up, since that could get awkward. Seriously though, friendships are very important to me. Leaving San Diego after college didn't even enter my mind since my buddies there had become like family. They made staying for another 8 years the easiest thing in the world!

Naturally those initial relationships are going to be a bit different now, here in the City of Trees.  I'm not 17 and here to go to college, I'm 30 and just arrived with my husband and almost-baby... to go for the American Dream (dramatic enough?)

I have spent the majority of the last month (our total time here) staying home, mostly due to unpacking very slowly and being super pregnant. I haven't totally thrown myself out there but have future plans to use my child for some strategic friend-making. She'll be here soon enough. Just six more weeks to fold and refold all her little clothes like a crazy lady.  Sometimes I just stand in her room, look around and grin for a while.  What else am I supposed to do on a rainy afternoon?

I engaged phase one of this plan today with the very sneaky Hey-you're-gonna-have-a-baby-too-let's-totally-be-friends approach. She had no idea what hit her. I like to start out this sort of "nonchalant" interaction with a question, followed by some "subtle humor."

After eye contact was made I asked my appropriate question. 
"How far along are you?"
She politely responded then asked me the same.
"Almost 34 weeks, just about 8 1/2 months...I like to say whichever one sounds further."
*Ladies can appreciate the concept of NOT wanting to look bigger than you actually are pregnant.
Do you see what I just did there?

Yada yada yada she suggested we exchange numbers. Done. I'm in no position to decline potential friends...I happen to know one other person in the great state of Idaho- and he has to be my friend because he married me. We happen to be best friends in fact #alrightweallgetityouloooooooveyourhusband

Then I went home and needed a nap. My telltale that it was a good day.
Or a Tuesday.