Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I'm pretty good at labeling things. I particularly enjoy the kind of labels that explain where things go, like on a stack of plastic drawers maybe...

I tend to feel like everything should be labeled or loosely fit into a category. Socks and sports bras in the same drawer?! Whaaat?! They both are worn under things. And I just created a category. In all seriousness how do my husband and kids put up with this? It's a true miracle.

One of the many things I love about blogging is that I don't have to fit all that I want to share into just one category.  I can pretend one day that Blonde Story Short is a (fill in your favorite type of blog) blog and the next week it's a (fill in your second favorite type of blog) blog.  I can write whatever I want!  Thank you Blog Spot.  What a contribution you have made to my life, and hopefully others'.

Since the beginning of the new year, I've been setting aside time to write, because I really LOVE writing. Since I found myself poking around B.S.S, I began reading old posts...throwing down some edits...and eventually labeling!  As usual I do whatever cool people do, 2-5 years after they do it. I finished The Hunger Games series like a week ago. I mean, why read it when it comes out in 2008 when you can wait until 2014? I'm also just getting into the whole mis-matching thing (see my recent post with a yellow top and turquoise necklace- It's pretty WILD) Everyone who blogs uses the labeling or categories feature. I however am just discovering it..and I like it.

So far, I've gone through almost half of my 238 posts (that began in 2008- when my new favorite Adventure/Science Fiction book came out). It's amazing what labeling does for finding patterns. Here's the list so far:

Doing dumb things
Girl Stuff
Traveling Adventures
William Shatner
Workin' out

If these labels prove anything, it's that from 22 to approximately 25, I was a little off.
I still over-think, struggle at times, and use William Shatner as a curse word- you have to yell it or else it doesn't work.

If you've had a blog for more than a couple of years, I highly recommend going through old posts.  It is a trip.

I labeled the Christmas cupcakes I made for work last month. It's important to know whether you are
enjoying the "North Pole cupcake" or the "Naughty cupcake" (which includes a Hershey's
kiss posing as a lump of coal). Labeling treats has likely been in since '06.
I took it up this holiday

Thursday, January 23, 2014

What I just learned from bloggin' around

1.  Tartan is cool.  I have a tartan dress that isn't that cool.  Why don't I wear that tartan dress with something over the top (like my BR white button up) and a skinny black belt...and my black hand-me-down booties...and a feminine jeweled necklace?  DUR! #AnythingWithStuds.

2.  I really should spend more time in second-hand/discount stores.  I like designer things.  I don't like designer prices.  Bingo! #LoveCheria

3. Even hardcore people wear the same workout gear over and over and over again. Alright! #HelloDay

4.  I don't have many blogs that I follow.  Bloggateers..."comment" me suggestions if you have them!  Anything from simple great writing, to health/fitness and girly stuff!  Please & Thank you.

5.  Finishing a sentence with just one word that best translates to "But of COURSE!" is my favorite way to show genuine enthusiasm.

Friday, January 17, 2014

In the bathroom at work

I've mentioned before that I'm just not that creative...not even close to some women I know (in person or in blog). Maybe someday I'll be really good at arranging flowers and using a sewing machine, without hurting myself...or getting bored.  Today isn't that day.

I do seem to be getting a little more creative (even getting better perhaps) with putting together an outfit.  Most of my creations happen Monday through Friday for work. Being a non-teacher these days has definitely helped this area of my life. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of stylish and adorable teachers. But when I taught, I scanned the scene and quickly realized putting in a mere 10-20% effort into my style met all necessary expectations. I think we were all just really tired most of the time. 

I also attribute motivation in this area of my life to my teeny-boppers at home. I want my girls to see that the way a woman presents herself is important....and I really like it when I wear something cute and they compliment me (motivation much?).

With age (I'm allowed to say that at 29 right?) I've gotten more comfortable with taking risks. We don't each have to have one particular look. Sure, when I lived in OB, bo-ho dresses seemed like the end-all-be-all, but why? I do still love that hippie style and you better believe I'll own my deep-v-paisley-maxi until the day I die. But I also obsess over just about anything from JCrew, feminine & cute outerwear and most of Gwen Stefani's wardrobe...why not try bits of it all (except parachute pants, I just won't wear parachute pants). 

What's most important to me is to be able to do A LOT of things within the confines of my closet, and with a few new pieces here and there.  "Here and there" is best for everyone. Lucky for my husband I don't see shopping as a high enough priority to fit it into my schedule very often. So, creativity is a must. Of course being "creative" is completely relative.  For me, it can be as simple as NOT matching. "But I'm an 80's baby and we always match! It all started with our coordinated slouchy socks and LA gear shoelaces!" This is what goes through my head.  I fight it.  I fight it hard.

Below isn't my ultimate favorite combo, but is one that reminds me it's okay to get "creative." Secret:  I think my "Fall bangs" may have liberated me to some degree.

I bought this silk yellow shirt at Banana Republic's summer sale.  Since it's been almost 80 degrees in San Diego, I don't feel weird about wearing it in January. Everything in me wants to limit this shirt to being worn with jeans and silver hoops.
Truthfully I feel a little too much like Batman when I wear it with black but again, I fight... and throw on a colored necklace.  Batman would never do that.

Since blogging is not my full time job, I quickly took these pictures in the bathroom at work (I should probably be embarrassed by this). You can't see my black capris but I am holding up just one of my pointy black pumps (I stood like a flamingo and did not touch the ground with my bare foot, let's just get that out of the way). If I were a "style blogger" I might say having a pair of pointy toed black shoes should be some type of rule or something (I might also be cooler).  I am so due for a new pair...but still wear these because they're black and no one is looking that closely. Quick note: In two years I've gone through two nude pointy toed's...they go with EVERYTHING. Anything that goes with everything = good in my opinion.

Most of you are WAY more in tune with fashion than I, but perhaps there are some that also struggle with playing it too safe. I say, take a peek in your closet and your jewelry box and see what kind of funky combo you can come up with.  *A stylist would never write "funky combo."  I give up.

Speaking of closets...check out how far I've come! My closet is now on land & much bigger.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Know your Limits

Lessons I've already learned tend to be reiterated (or relearned), on my drive to work. I attribute this to two things:  1) I'm usually caffeinated which makes my memory a little better and 2) It's one of the rare times that I'm alone, without a lot of distractions. Like a typical Monday morning, I pushed the clock to the absolute limit today. This particular morning was well worth it since my hub and I decided to stay one more night away, anchored in the middle of the cove. We brought her into the slip with just enough time for me to have some breakfast, throw on something work-appropriate and straighten my bangs*. Of course I couldn't let his efforts with the french press go to waste, so I took my steaming joe to-go.  Keep in mind, my German car does not have a cup holder- German driving is far too serious to pair with beverages.
Naturally I'd pushed my gas tank to the limit too...last week. On Friday when I parked with my car on "E," I'd left myself only one real option for the return to work (and real life)- to turn on the engine and remember that I need to stop for gas and be just a little late to the office. Aside from being late, I hate getting gas. I don't care for Mondays all that much either. You can imagine what a discouraging situation this was for me. While I know I can't do anything I really need to do without gas in my car, I can't help but get a little peeved every time I "waste" money and time fueling up. Necessary evil.  Sort of like shaving your legs. Again, pushing it to the limit, I thought I'd just get as close to work as I could, although I never really know if the red light is saying "Get gas NOW!" or "Hey, maybe you should get gas next Thursday." I blame this terribly lackadaisical attitude on driving a Honda Civic for too many years. How I miss Wanda.

Since I tend to be a pretty lucky gal (I'm literally knocking on wood RIGHT now) I was able to grab a quick $20 worth of gas (what a racket) and make it in before being tardy and having someone notice my bright pink Nikes. Fingers were crossed when I left the boat around 8:30.  As that luck would have it I did have heels in the trunk...just not enough time to get them on my feet.  Prior to getting me and my huge purse (necessary for carrying shoes) inside my building, I thought I'd fit in just one more little task on the way...rubbing antibacterial on my hands surely couldn't wait. Another reason I hate getting gas- just IMAGINE the germs. eek. Truthfully I was tempted to put lotion on too, but why push it?  While getting in that waterless cleansing, I of course released my hold of the cup of joe in the center console for a moment. A moment is all it took.  Ironically some even soaked my air freshener, along with a travel size lotion, sunglasses, nail polish, note pad and fancy name tag for work events.  The struggle is real.  And yes, I have all those things in my center console.

The lesson: Know your limits.  Maybe I'll never totally rid myself of bad "fuel habits" but let's call it a day at that!  There's really never a need to fit in just one more thing.  Mondays are hard enough aren't they? 

*Bangs fool people into thinking that your hair is always done. An effortless pony becomes chic.  Maybe you don't need that option in life- but I for one do! I'm not a style blogger but I may have to do an entire post on bangs some day.  Yup.