Friday, August 19, 2011

Many are called, few are chosen...

I'm not called or be office-bound

I would consider the idea of a glorious home office; perhaps one that had a plush white rug in the center, classically matted photos and fantastic lighting. Are you getting a visual of what my future could hold? Other than that, I'm just not into the whole thing. A good indicator of my feelings is that a scenario that includes me changing an ink cartridge (like yesterday for example) almost brings me to tears. I sort of feel the same way about scanning documents and file cabinets.

While many nuances of the administrative lifestyle bring up not-so-enticing emotions inside me, I am fairly certain that the greater part of the issue is due to the fact:

I just don't like being told what to do. Ever.

I know. Tough break. It's not that I'm a Princess or anything (if you disagree you can just keep that to yourself), I've just never been in a position where I really feel like I'm someones subordinate (there's a much less appropriate word that comes to mind, but I'll keep it clean this afternoon. Happy Friday).

Not even my see-how-many-post-its-I-can-pick-up-with-my-toes-under-my-desk game entertains me these days. Blogging from there sure is fun though.

It's like I want to point my finger and yell "NO!" even before being asked a question. And that could cause an awkward scene I think.

I'm sucking it up, don't worry about it, and will continue to persevere here in my suite on the 3rd floor...but I'm not thrilled about it. With some islands in my near future, I think I'll survive the 136 hours until then. Then I can look forward to some time off at Christmas? Is this what life has become?

Suffering with you,