Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lesson #4 Just because...

Just because...

you and your fiance talk all things wedding (including but NOT limited to floral arrangements and registry) all the time, does not mean that conversations about mesh colanders and peonies should become the norm. I know he's amazing when it comes to being involved (of course he is!), but throw him a bone every once and a while and ask about the latest 49ers pick, or another baseball team he's into.

Just because you got an Easter basket filled with Godiva dark chocolates (from said amazing boo), does not mean you should go to town like every other American gets to during the month of April. I find the two-dark-chocolate-mini-eggs-a-day, preferably post-healthy lunch...very satisfying! For a measly 90 cals...we can handle that. Honestly, I know it totally sucks to limit the chocolate intake to the mini egg, there's a good reason they're called "mini." But how good is that dress gonna look after you've resisted full-egg sized treats for six months? It's going to be SO WORTH it! *this pep talk clearly takes place in my head. I need it, you don't...or do you?

Just because your "Book of lists" is the end-all-be-all as far as you are concerned, does not mean He agrees. He's clearly wrong. Nonetheless, think twice when referencing it more than thrice in the same conversation about RSVP cards.

Finally (since I'm about to leave work early, for the sake of doing taxes late), just because you are planning a party, I mean wedding, that takes place in less than three months doesn't mean you can ignore your other responsibilities that maybe include grad school, your full-time job, oh and slowly getting rid of all the crap you've accumulated and don't need over the last 10 years.

Happy Wednesday!