Monday, April 21, 2014

A TV Review from 1995

My husband and I try not to be an annoying couple that brags about not watching TV, but for the most part, we don't watch TV...Excluding (obviously) that sweet, sweet Bachelory time of year when NOT watching means missing out on fantastic break room conversation and numerous opportunities to make fun of foolish women.

After weekends upon weekends of back to back plans, dressing up, packing bags, "crafting" and everything else that busy weekends entail... I got my TV on (you can take that as 1. I am trying to sound "ghetto" and "cool" or 2. I literally turned my TV on to watch it.

Much like my taste in music, I prefer the 90's hits much more than what is on the tube these days. I do give present shows a shot.  Just last week I tried to get into some Law & Order SVU (being that it's all the rage).  Man, could that show get any Rape-ier?  Ugh. I lasted about 2 minutes.

So, with a comfortable fort built in the living room, I embarked on a season and a half of PARTY OF FIVE.  Anybody?

From left to right: Neve Campbell, Matthew Fox, Scott Wolf,
11 year old Gretchen Weiners and baby actor who plays Owen

And if you thought I was bragging before, get a load of this- I didn't have to look up any of those names! Whoa.  Here is my very official review of this 90's gem:

***** (those are 5 stars) for Cast.
I mean really, who better to play the complicated, lady killer Charlie?  Not only can Matt Fox get off a mysterious island in 2010, he can also raise his brothers and sisters (that range from baby to 16) at the spry age of 24. I wish Neve Cambell wasn't out of breath at the end of every sentence but I'm learning to deal with it. Obviously "Bailey" just needs a little love and guidance, and he'll be just fine. Gretchen Weiners, what a sweet little violinist you were. I'm guessing (more like hoping) we're the same age now, but I still want to give you a big hug in those little overalls!

***** for Setting
Since it's based in the Bay Area, my husband is remotely interested and that's good enough for me. He could also have a secret crush on "Kirsten."  

At least she's blonde

I don't pretend to be Roger Ebert (now you've got two 90's references on this lovely Monday) so that's all I have to say in my review.

I think you should go watch Party of Five now. 
Good Night.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's Raining It's Pouring...

If ONLY I was snoring!

Though I have completely faked energy and enthusiasm thus far this week...I am exhausted! My recent crafting at home and project-taking-on at work would lead you to believe otherwise.  So tricky.

Monday started out alright. For some strange reason I woke up with Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine's "Rhythm is gonna get you" in my head.  I know...what on earth? Gloria is the first artist I ever danced (on stage) to...that's another story, and one that still doesn't explain how her collaborated 1987 hit found its way into my subconscious.

Things improved on the way to work- in my own car. I did love the extra A.M. time with the Hub, but I have to say having my ride back is just a real treat. Channel surfing (radio frequencies) is one of my favorite things about driving alone.  I also like talking to myself.

A rhythm that really "got me" hit the airwaves just in time for my 8 East merge...

Is there anything better than Freddie Mercury?  I would say NO.  There isn't. 
One of my favorite Wedding day memories is entering our reception to You're my Best Friend. 
(Girl tangent)

I have a sneaking suspicion that this rainy week is going to wiz by, like the last 13 have- That's right, Christmas was over 3 months ago. We're allowed to wear white pants in just a matter of weeks, for crying out loud! I really think the older we get, the faster time goes by.  Can you tell I'm actually starting to understand some of the stuff old people say. I'm also starting to SAY old people things (case in point- "For crying out loud" utilized 2 sentences ago.  EEK).  Truly though, the days of feeling like something was soooooo far away or far behind  are long gone. This perspective makes for a more patient outlook I think. Knowing that time is positively flying by makes me just a little less anxious for all that comes in the future.  If I could paint you a picture...I'm at my desk, stroking my own shoulder, understandingly nodding my head and repeating "in due time" over and over again.

That just took a turn.

So what can you take from this post? Any of the following:
-The 80's had better music
-It's raining in San Diego
-Maybe I need to slow down and chill out
-Perhaps the rhythm really IS going to get me
-Life is passing by at a rapid speed
-If I'm the same age as this Blonde, I too am getting old
-I'm also very tired.  Is it 5:00 yet?

Happy Almost-Hump-day
(That's not really a thing)