Monday, August 16, 2010

Anyone got a basket...

that I could put ALL my eggs in?
'Cause that's what I do with my eggs...or job related hopes and efforts in this case.
With every new prospect, I find myself under a very certain (and overly confident) assumption that I will a) GET the position and b) joyfully remain with the prospective company for years to come, moving up the ladder and retiring with enough saved to spend my post fifty days party planning and shopping for shoes.
While the practical side of me kicks in and insists I continue my search and "networking" (probably my least fave thing to do, after babysitting in a dirty house) I half-ass attempt applying for other positions although I just know it's a waste of my precious time since I'm clearly going to be offered said former position that obviously offers a hefty salary, pension and reasonable Health benies.
Can you guess what happens next?

Similar to the other "shoe being dropped," the bottom of my basket instead drops, leaving all of my fricken eggs on the floor.

And my hunt continues...for a suitable employer (and more eggs).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

That is (once again) the question

I wrote a post when Blondestoryshort was just a baby (now she's a toddler...but hopefully not in the terrible two's stage) that was titled, "To teach or not to teach," as that was the current question.

And here I am again, asking the same damned thing.

Much like the past two summers I'm left wondering what the FRICK I'm going to do in the fall. Isn't it just great that teachers, those supposedly molding our future generations, have the least stable positions of anyone? I'll postpone jumping on my Soap box for another time, my archaic computer may not live long enough for all that I have to "share" on that subject.

After being totally screwed this past year (that topic not being postponed but rather omitted altogether) I'm seriously considering leaving the education "industry." I quote the word as its run unlike any other industry in the world...leaving all professionalism aside for some reason or another.

The endless job options (remember where there's a will, there's a way) may and most likely will provide better income, growth potential and overall sanity. I mean really, are the summers "off" worth spending anxiously waiting for answers and the slight hope that someone, anyone, might hire you? You meaning ME?

Then another question occurred to me. What is it that keeps me so loyal (or maybe painfully in bondage to) teaching? Is it possible that the passion for students and the profession as a whole is actually more about a little thing called FEAR? Fear that this profession has become my identity? That I'm obsessed with the idea of being called "Teacher" and being viewed as nurturing and creative and all the other positive adjectives that title exudes?

Or perhaps FEAR that there may not be another career that I'm as good at as it's my only shot at totally avoiding failure!

Who the hell knows. It's 9:30 and I'm going to bed. That's what happens when you're an unemployed nearly 26 year-old ;)


are easy when they involve nice wine and fancy dinners.
Upon being a part of one for over five (ish) months, the things a young couple starts to do are a little different.

What started out as a trip to Cancun, somehow became a back country camping expedition through Yosemite. If you're anything like myself, you don't even know what that means...Well, I'll tell you (since as of seven days ago I now know, in a major way).

Back country camping means camping withOUT things like an established camp site's standard amenities (like a bathroom) and food with its natural hydration in place. Instead one survives on his own water filtration system and indulging in baby wipe wipe-downs and instant coffee, close seconds to showers and REAL coffee. While these aren't really indulgences (unless you chose hot chocolate over the coffee like one particularly clever blonde) they do make ones camping experience quite exciting.

And how could I leave out the twenty-two mile hike part?! This would be the mode of transportation used to get from one camp "site" to another. Did I lose six pounds last week you ask? Why yes, yes I did. The fact that until yesterday I was moving around like my eighty-five year old grandmother...moot point.

The advantages to this sort of "couples' retreat," no not the pants that transform into shorts with the convenience of a below-the-knee-cap zipper, but instead...
sunsets at 9000 feet, bantering with the one you love around a homemade fire pit, and of course romantically scratching each others mosquito bites.
Advantage above all the rest: Leaving your bf tricked into thinking you're athletic and mountainous.

And you thought I agreed to wearing hiking boots without a motive...