Friday, October 15, 2010

More TV

Yea so I watch a lot of TV. I'm recovering, okay.

I watched my beloved Tuesday night show, Glee this week. The boo's house is not the environment that nurtures my commentary on the episode's choice of Broadway tunes and fashion statements, like I thought it would be. We got through it. Well, he got through it, in reality.
This week's episode was a little off putting for me. I don't consider myself a hiding-under-a-rock Christian (by any means really) and can tolerate, and even participate, in debauchery every now and then. However, this viewer tunes in to Glee because the innocence of the show and its subjects are well, refreshing. ..And I was a Thespian in High School, let's save this for another time.

This week opened with an out of nowhere, out of line Shlessy scene. Generally I'm just fine with these. One of my Thursday night faves, Grey's Anatomy has had a lesbo story line for the last two seasons, am I abandoning this prime time medical soap opera? No I'm not...although I do have some opinions on the banter and bicker seshes displayed by the female doctor duo. Long story short, they're unnecessary and of ammature sorts.

Back on track, Glee's scene was confusing to most of us since we've never seen this interest before from either character, and in fact both cheerleaders (stop your judging) are typically "boy crazy" in every other scene up to date. Only one question: So...they like girls now?

In addition to a sneak attack lesbian scene, we were exposed to the loss of Arty's V card (I don't refer to his Visa and YES, Arty is the guy in the wheelchair) to one of these gone girl cheerleaders! What is going on? Since we're talking abreves, I'll tell you another thing: The "B" word was used not once, but twice! C'mon producers (sometimes I call them Gleeducers, you can too if you want) your show is getting Emmy's and great feed back don't become one of them! Yes, sometimes conforming is optimal, like when I finally gave in and bought my leather Rainbow flip flops in 2005, but in this case...just quit it.

I want my Tuesdays to be full of nerdy high schoolers and music I can can-can in my living room to. Don't make me watch the new hit Hellcats instead. Because I will. If you don't think those previews displaying a half-to a full-to a basket toss stunts are're wrong.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

So happy I could vomit...somore

I've said it before...this is not a "hey check out my life!" blog. If you feel compelled to check out my life you can see my facebook. Yea that's right I post pictures and a status update from time to time, what? That being said, I just can't refrain from an update-ish post...a sequel really, to last week's: I'm so happy I could vomit.

This week I can lift my arms over my head. Yea. I can wash my hair and even reach for a bowl from the cupboard for my cereal in the morning. It's kindofa big deal. Lord knows I need the fiber these days.

In addition to the development of my once T-Rex arm span, I don't have stitches anymore. Now I just have to keep myself from literally vomiting when I change my medical tape every 3 days in the shower. Barf. It'll all be worth it in the near future...once I can run around bra less (like all the other females in Ocean Beach) and get through a day without Extra Strength Tylenol and Law and Order reruns.

I drove my car for the first time post surge and not only felt capable and mentally there (a first in seven days) but also enjoyed the destination and jams awaiting me. If there are two dirty things I love in's J in the B and the Dogg. I drove my car to Jack and the Box and heard Snoop Dogg on the way. I mean get real, curly fries are delicious and any song with Snoop D O double G in it is worth listening to, even if Katy Perry is involved.

Since it's mid month, Obama's people are in between paying me (hello?!) which means today I drove around town, with consciousness and precision, using up the disheveled gift cards from deep within my wallet. With $8 in one's checking account, untouched credit to Sports Authority and Target can be quite useful. For example, tonight's meal, Hamburger Helper, shoved in the back of my pantry, will be eaten in all its glory, because of the $2 frozen ground turkey I was able to purchase at....uh Target. The socks (from other said store that got my biz today) will be handy tomorrow when I go on my first cardio expedition. My current ankle sock inventory needs to be washed, which FYI costs three buckaroos here in my apartment complex. See how it all works out...every time! While some may be stressed on the 14th of the mo when the cash flow becomes a slow drizzle really, I see it as an adventure, and when all goes well (like today) exciting adventure ;)

All this financial venturing will come to a halt soon. What's that you ask? Did I just get offered a full time job with decent pay and excellent benefits? Why yes, yes I did. And it starts next week. This will begin exactly two weeks after becoming a lady-like D cup, the perfect amount of time for recovery and unemployment. Didn't I say it always works out? Don't check posts from three months ago, I may have been singin a different tune. Nonetheless I'm saying it now, life has a way of doing that.

That's about it for the updateISH post. I'll go back to vague, sarcastic rambling ASAP. Don't worry babes, you can sleep tonight ;)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm so happy I could vomit

Seriously, I might vomit.

I don't think most people would be as happy as I am right now, in my current state...let's keep in mind that I'm not most people.

Up until 9:00 yesterday morning I had blood and "fluids" draining out of me. Literally out OF me, like there were tubes that resembled pink Twizzlers sutured into my trunk. It was the sides of my breasts really, but I find that using the word "trunk" makes people (like my father) more comfortable. So you're welcome.
If you read often, or at least have jumped on the blonde train for the last two weeks, you know that I just got my taking-over-the-world chest....surgically reduced. I now claim a moderate D, or at least will once the swelling goes down. Dr. Lee of Del Mar you are a gem!

For some reason this topic doesn't seem allowed as a public post, but with this excitement (or pain killers) brewing inside me, I just can't help but yell it from my world wide web rooftop!

The last three days have been quite humbling. Is there anything better than the people you love bringing you flowers and helping you wipe? I mean really. I had my 48 hour nurse, her name is Mom, and many others doing their part. It really does take a village.

What I have found makes these sorts of events most amusing: being on drugs. While I won't deny loving the pop of an Excedrin Migraine from time to time (as needed of course) I am NOT one of those kids that eats Percoset and Vicodin like Trail Mix. The whole feeling like vomiting thing is actually from these beastly drugs. Sensitive stomach issues really cramping the life style I'm trying to live this week. While I'm beyond even slightly interested in the quasi recreational use of pills, Nurse Annie throwing a little Oxy in my line in the Recovery room did not go unnoticed however, or unappreciated. For me, this moment seemed the best time to make comments related to "sponge baths" to the boyfriend, in front of the mom. Good choices. I learn now that the pervy look on my face probably proved the secret seriousness of my comment. What a creep I am.

So now I recover on the couch, falling in and out sleep (not too far off from my usual afternoon) and catching bits and pieces of Entertainment Tonight and The Soup, which air just about all day long for those of you that would like to be on the pulse of Hollywood.
Today's Goal (just so you're kept ABREASTof the situation): shower