Monday, August 20, 2012

It's all over...

Well it’s all over. The parties, the planning, the wedding and the honeymoon. Back to our busy life and reality, although somehow it’s still very unreal to me.
Real? Not quite yet.
You love it when people ask themselves questions, and then answer them individually right in front of you.

Last week I went through 400+ photos from the "big day" and I still can’t believe that whole thing went down. Two weeks of greatness...and now we're fricken married.  What?

I have heard that it’s now time for the serious lessons to be learned…

Like driving my husband’s big stupid car.

Note: We will find something to call him soon so that you don’t delete BSS from your google reader- having read the haughty words "my husband" every three lines.

So the car…it happens to be big, and because it’s the machine used for teaching me to drive a manual tranie for the first time, it’s also stupid. Why the need to conquer driving a manual?  Being able to sip on a latte, talk on the phone and tune into political talk radio on the commute to work, all because you drive a luxurious that's livin.  2004 Honda Civics are luxury vehicles in case you hadn't heard.

Long story short, learning how to drive his (am I supposed to say "our" now?) manual meant saving about three hundred bones and "Post wedding finances" mean you take opportunities like this...and seize them.  So I learned how to drive our big stupid car.

Driving the beast takes 100% of my attention, which tends to be a tough task (unless you're a man by the name of Mr...oops!  Remember Privacy ot 12...sheesh!)

The big stupid car and I generally start by having a little pep talk…

"Alright, I’m going to put in your clutch, let off your break a bit, and start to reverse.
And…of course you’re in first instead of reverse…YOU jerk!" 

Then I sweat a little.  Organza blouses are not an option this week.

Today was our third trip to work together. Sort of like a third date...I’m a little more comfortable, but still pretty awkward.  We got to know each other well before we took it all the way to fifth, obviously.  So, the fifth gear, along with all the other gears has now been accomplished.  Impressive right? I consider myself a relatively quick learner.

I'm sure there are many, many more lessons to be learned (some shared)...and some already being "drafted" in fact.

Here's to new experiences.