Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I'll never...Part II: That Damn Binky

Since I was clearly going to breastfeed my child (only weirdos have problems breastfeeding), we were never planning to visit Binky Town, USA.  Maybe after three months of age, when we were past:

1. Confusing her #nippleconfusionhuh?
2. Making her lazy #thoselazyinfants

Then Day 8 of Charlotte's life was here.  Not only was she all up on the formula, but I was super into any pacifying I could get my hands on. And so we packed our judgy bags and hit the BINK.

We hit it hard.

I can't tell you how many moms see pictures of my kid with bink-in-mouth and say "I wish (insert cool kid's name) would have taken the binky!" Apparently regardless of the extensive literature against pacifiers these days, most moms would prefer to risk the terrifying ill effects of the binky and make their kid happy again.  I say "again" because literally seconds ago he/she was in fact happy.  Then the wind blew, they got pissed and you had to decide:  Baby wrath or Binky Town?

Lotti is outgrowing her bink a bit on her own at this point since she has discovered her thumb, and entire fist that is much more satisfying to stick in her mouth.

Of course there is much to learn out there (who has the time to write all these books???) about the thumb vs. pacifier.
You can't take away their thumb.
They don't need you to soothe (by giving them the bink) if they use their thumb
Dentists say....
and on and on.

Again, I leave you with my ongoing lesson and sentiment:

Note:  Real hashtags were not used in this post...it's merely a way to make fun of our social media and world at large.

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Part III: What's that Baby doing in my Bedroom?

Monday, March 16, 2015

I'll never... PART I

I don't know about you but I really enjoying knowing everything.  Obviously I. Know. Everything.
Especially about babies, even before I had a baby...and now that I have one- watch out.

Like every other mom,  I could talk all day long about being a mom and my kids (*don't forget they range from 3.5 months to almost 20).  We've got lots to say.  Sometimes we even emulate a bunch of hens clucking, it's impressive. What I want to share most recently are three things I KNEW I would never do as a mom. For the sake of this three part post we'll stick to things I'd never do with the baby- my journey with female teenagers is flawless...or would just take too long to write out
*Obviously I started having babies at 11 years old. PSYCH.  It's a much better story than that. 

I figure I'll start with the biggie.  It's mostly "big" because everyone else thinks it is...

Don't be confused.  I never KNEW I wouldN'T breastfeed.  On the contrary, I knew I wouldn't bottle feed. Funny thing, just like everything else in life, you can't CONTROL whether or not you have to bottle feed (for me, because I couldn't breastfeed) Zing.

I thought we were doing great in the hospital after Charlotte was born.  It felt so right and she seemed to be pretty into it too. I cherish those early weeks of feeding her this way, especially since now she is very connected to my chest and loves falling asleep there- can ya blame a kid?  Those make for a pretty cozy pillow.  God knew what he was doing with that Eve gal.

While I did try to breastfeed for almost a month, we were forced to supplement with formula on day 4 of Lotti's life. Another situation that proves the rule: Follow your instincts.  Sweet girl was born on a Friday and by Monday morning I knew something was wrong. She was not getting what she needed out of me, no matter how much I wanted to provide that sustenance for her. If I wasn't producing and giving her the only food she could consume, how was I any different than someone that wasn't her mother? Note:  I also thought I'd NEVER think such irrational things. I mean, dramatic much?

After three weeks of 30 minute pumping seshes (so miserable) only to get drops of breastmilk, and making my poor baby so frustrated that she was doing so great at feeding but reaping nothing- we went 100% formula.  In all honestly, she was getting100% all along, I was just giving her the mere drops I could on top of it...literally on top- I would pour my pathetic amount of milk from the pump bottle on top of her already assembled formula bottle.

I had talked (and cried to) a feeding consultant, I had done everything I could- including drinking a few beers, a very medically proven way to stimulate production and feel better about life.  And it just wasn't in the cards for us.

My expert advise for new mothers in my predicament (remember, I DO know it all):
1. Talk to your husband about it often.  He will listen and be much more logical about the whole thing than you are. He doesn't want to see you or his newborn struggling so hard.
2. Stop worrying about what other people think.  No one is really judging you.  And if they are...they probably need to get some sort of hobby. I was going to write "screw 'em" but I decided to be nice...then I wrote it here...so I'm not really that nice I guess.
3.  Enjoy every minute of feeding your sweet baby their bottle.  Charlotte and I LOVE bottle time.  Her daddy loves it too.  Our eyes never leave each other and I am so satisfied knowing she is thriving and super into her "bubba." Watching your baby lose weight because she's not getting enough to eat (from said breast) is just NOT cool.
4. Use this as an opportunity to practice being okay with doing what works for you, not what you thought or KNEW you'd do.

Upcoming Part II: That Damn Binky.