Friday, July 17, 2015

Bed, Bath, Bikes and Booze

All I want is a King bed and a big bathtub.

These were my non-negotiables as the hub and I discussed the specs for our recent Anniversary celebration.

Not only did my wish for a bed and a bath come true, but bikes and booze were on the scene too. I feel like a degenerate saying booze (instead of something nicer like "cocktails") but there's kind of an alliteration thing going on here so...

We are creatures of habit and usually go to a fancy steakhouse on our anniversary.  It's always a chance to dress nice, have a long and quiet dinner (except for romantic talk of the previous year's adventures and what the future holds- huh?!).  Of course dropping some dough on a nice meal without feeling guilty is always appealing too. We then continue the evening by staying somewhere for the night.  Last year was especially memorable since it was our last summer in San Diego and I was pregnant with our now 7-month old baby.

This year things are just so different.

Literally all I wanted was a King bed (I would be sleeping through the entire night- hello?!) and that big 'ol tub that would be a welcome change from my usual bathing-with-the-baby routine. What can I say I'm a multi-tasker? Those two amenities paired with couple time (only fogies saying "couple time")...does it get any better?

Yes, it does.  When you add in BIKES and BOOZE my friends! We decided a casual evening, blowing off a little steam (another fogey saying), would be more appropriate than a formal dinner setting. From *Anniversary Inn, we walked into downtown Boise to the nearest rental rack. Thanks @BoiseGreenBike ! I hadn't ridden in a while and whadoya know it was just like riding a bike ;)
*I could go on for days about staying in The Presidential Suite at Anniversary Inn, where we may or may not have called each other Ronald and Nancy for 24 hours. That's not weird.

Central Downtown
So we basically bar hopped all night. Riding around a downtown that is small enough to ride completely around is pretty great. If you've prematurely judged Boise, ID I think you should take a step back, gather yourself and reconsider how COOL it really is. Being cool is super important. 

Since I had so much fun, after thanking my thoughtful husband/best friend in the whole world (aww now that's cute isn't it?) I decided I'd give a shout out to the various Idahoan spots we patronized:

1st stop: Bardenay. Sure they're known for their housemade whiskey, but I say GET a margarita whenever you don't have a baby with you. 

2nd stop: Chandlers Boise We hit the Lounge, not the Dining Room...I told you it was a casual night, just a couple of kids on the town.  The lounge act, brews and filet sliders were ridiculous.

3rd stop: The Matador I've never had a spicier Marg in my life! Mamacita! In case you're wondering, that was my second marg of the night, with a beer in between...a beer sandwich if you will. 

4th stop: Pie Hole When you've been drinking, you eventually need to eat something substantial, like a slice from Pie Hole..alongside a PBR (Hipster right?)

5th and final stop: Space Bar. Pinball and canned Sapporo. YES.  I'm pretty sure we'll be transforming our front room into a Game room 'cause....playing games is a great way to spend your time.  And who hangs out in their "sitting room" anyway?  No one that wants to have fun.

In Conclusion: I love my husband and I love Boise.

The End.

Now go hop on a bike and get crunk.
(said the white mom)

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Bachelorette-Who's Left

Here is my quick and dirty on the remaining Bachelor contestants (and a few other poor schmucks)...

Shawn: Ryan Gosling + Matthew Maconahay
Shawn is still hanging in there but I'm thinkin' he blew it with his overzealousness about being "the one" and his deep seeded hatred for Nick. If you ask me, and you obviously did, Kaitlyn is over it but doesn't want to send him home.  Wouldn't it be the BEST if in real life we called dumping people "sending them home?"  She told Shawn about her premature naughty night specifically because she wants him to break up with her.  Then she doesn't have to! You feel me?
Eager Beaver

Nick: The guy you should stay away from
We all know his kind. He wants what he can't have...and seriously wears skinny jeans and man sweaters all. the. time. It's just too much. A glimpse into Nick's head- "This chick is cool (and totally puts out) buuuuut if she doesn't chose me, here's hopin' for the next Bachelor pick!"  You wish.

Ben is where it's at, for Kaitlyn that is. I'm a happily married woman DUH. Shawn and Nick will "split the vote" so to speak and Ben will win, which in this case means get married (what world do we live in?) This is at least what I hope will happen.  It's seemingly likely however that Sweater Jones actually will win, since Kait has become sort of an idiot. I don't get much from Ben and perhaps that's ABC's stab at a plot twist. There could be more going on between he and Kait. Who's to say? I have just enough time to watch the show (illegally downloaded without commercials) and blog about it twice.  There's just no room in my life to speculate beyond what Chris Harrison gives me.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner?

I'm gonna need to throw a little something out there about Jared, Joe and Cupcake Obviously they're gone now, but I think some kudos are in order. 

I think you look like Seneca Crane from the Hunger Games. The way you left was really, really sweet.  I like you a lot more now...that you've been sent home.

You're hilarious and I'm sorry Kaitlyn doesn't find you more attractive.

I was rooting for you for a WHILE.  Your teeth and hair are phenomenal. I still don't really get the cupcake ride up. I thought arriving in toothpaste or a toothbrush would have made a little more sense and therefore a better joke.  Anyway, you made my night when you completely lost it with crying and self-talk.  "Get it together Chris.  I didn't think you'd cry!" (it went something like that)  Oh man...too good. PS I hope they rescued you from that mountaintop.

Monday night,
What is in store????!!!!