Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The "Snuggie"

Apparently I'm not the only one who has seen the infomercial for the "Snuggie." I assumed since I have a late-night-TV guilty pleasure, I would stand alone in making fun of this absolutely ridiculous product! After dinner tonight I now know that others are aware of this $20 blanket with sleeves.

One of the many savvy gals I surround myself with (gotta love my girlfriends) made quite the conclusion.

"It's just a backwards robe!"

After the two of us listening pictured the product and made the connection, the convo continued with interrupting waves of laughter.

"A backwards robe without the belt" I added.

"They look like monks!"

"The guy selling this thing must be thinkin 'What a bunch of idiots! They're buying my backwards robe!'"

If you're interested in this unique invention call within 7 minutes and get a bonus book light with it (that you can also find at Big Lots for $1.50) What a deal!

Tangent Tuesday

My mind has been racing (like a pronoun!) all day. Not in an anxious way, in a caffeine high sorta way...except that I don't drink caffeine. It could be my new diet that is giving me lots 'o energy! Silver lining as always ;)

Anyhoo, lots of random tangents and possibly fun facts for you today...coming from Sara land.

1. I am broke as a joke right now. Since I haven't started subbing (my latest life plan) I am living on the Serving/Bartending earnings, which isn't much. The economy really is affecting the restaurant biz, people just don't want to spend a lot of money eating out, therefore people like me don't make as much as we used to in tips. So, for Christmas my adorable mom, grandma, uncle and cousin all got me gift cards to places like Vons, Trader Joe's and Target...oh and Starbucks too! It must be a motherly instinct or something because the most frequently asked question from mom and grandma after "Do you have gas in your car?" is "Do you have enough money for groceries?" So for this Christmas, knowing I've been a struggler in the finance dept since my Europe trip, they made sure that I would have food in my fridge!

Now to the point...Since I had over $150 to Target (a little excessive I thought) I attempted to trade in two of the 4 cards for cash. This way instead of buying unneeded Xileration brand clothing, I could instead pay some bills this month. For those of you that don't already know this and were thinking of doing the same thing: It's totally not Allowed! You can however cash the cards in once they're down to $10. So, being the strategic schemer that I am, I worked the system and so far have twenty extra dollas in my wallet. I purchased a new lamp (thanks Uncle Gene!) and used one card, which then had almost $10 left on it. Then used the other for my other necessaries (ya know Target's low priced cereal, Midol, things of that nature) with the other card...cha ching!!! Turn those babies in and off I go with some cashola! So FYI in a bind, gift cards can be quite lucrative!

2. On my way to the parking lot I tried with all my might to be unseen by the "I want your donation" guy outside Target and it did not work. His attempt to stop me was the following, "Mam, do you have time to help out children in poverty today?" I cut him off and quickly said "No thank you" as politely as I could. Then I realized how loaded that question is. Wow. If I say no, which I did, I am pretty much a terrible person. I don't have "time" for children in poverty? How busy could I be? And he doesn't even know that today is my day off! I actually have lots of time! Eeeeek. So awkward. In my defense I'm assuming he wanted money and guess what...this bartender doesn't have any my friend. Some other time I guess.

3. Clorox bleach cleans ANYTHING! Even the ridiculously old stove in my ridiculously old house! That stuff is the bomb! Try it for yourself ;)

4. Thank God that trash is not an addition to my already established monthly bills. I put my bags of trash in my landlord's trash can. He lives behind (and sort of next to us, it's an odd set up). So, in order to do this, I have to walk out onto Rosecrans, a terribly busy street that just about everyone who lives in Point Loma or OB has to venture down at some point in their day, to throw those puppies out! It has to look odd. Like some girl is taking her trash (and recycling, go GREEN) to some random person's trash cans! I'm terrified every time that some Loma kid will come down Talbot, the perpendicular street and do a honk/wave...then drive away and think "huh? That Sara girl is odd." It's possible they've thought that prior.  Oh well. The rent is cheap.

As you can guess, today was cleaning day. It's my day off and although I get the "day" off even when I have to work nights, I can't stand to do something involving a swifer or trash bag when later I'll be spending my evening filling salt and pepper shakers and wiping down bar stools!

5. I am all about fake curse words. I think it comes from being a kindergarten teacher and a Christian for most of my life. Not that I'm great at abstaining from a few choice words every now and then, but I generally utilize some great alternatives...things like "Martha!" "Mother of Pearl!" "Sucker Fish!" "Son of a biscuit!" "Mother Father!" To name a few ;) Well, my roomie, who is even better at fake curse words, we'll call them "furse words" has a great one. I realized today I've picked it up.

Situation: Attempting to screw in a new light bulb (Yes, I know the blonde, light bulb joke) Anyway, I dropped the light bulb and yelled...

"William Shatner!"

It makes no sense at all, and I can't even name one movie William Shatner stars in, but for some reason it was a perfect furse word at the moment. Thanks Court...your expertise in faux cursing is rubbing off on me!

That was a little bit of my randomness on this Tuesday afternoon. Remember in my first entry I said you don't want to be up in my head?! I meant it :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Straight from Germany

Getting nostalgic I pulled out my journal from traveling through Europe last summer. So this is straight out of it...poor grammar and all ;) I have to admit I can barely read my own writing!

Friday July 18, 2008

We had another great, free hotel bfast, no champagne today :) Checked out. My hypothesis was correct, the clothes hung all around the room are definitely still wet. In the suitcase they go, what are ya gonna do! We checked out and realized "Borkum" our next destination is on another island! We would.
Basically we'd have to go back through Hamburg to the other side. Right now we're in Utersum on the island of Fohr. Instead, we cancel our Borkum hostel and with the help of our very sweet German hotel owner, get a cab to the nearest hostel on OUR island. That hostel = full. The lady tells us about "Haus Atlantis" a house behind the hostel building that rents out rooms. We get our ish over there and some how communicate that we need a room for 2 nights. After some confusion and speculation she gives us a spot. Not only is this the 3rd place we checked and almost a failure as well, but its cheaper and absolutely adorable. We have our own room, living room with kitchen and bathroom! Seriously its our own little German island apt! God is so good. We need this: a place to cook, chill and somewhat transition back to real life. The best part was the owner leaning in through the window, "ALLO!" to tell us we could stay a 3rd night. Holla!
So that means less time in Hamburg but this place is legit! I'm reading a new book, then decided to wrap up in my comforter on the love seat to sleep a bit (catch up). Of course my mind won't shut off.
I'm thinking about how much I want to be around when my friends and sister start having babies. I can't wait to be an aunt and I'm finally super excited for people to get pregnant. It might even make us all closer. I'd have a ball watching their little babes and running errands with them to help 'em out. What a trip it'll be when my sister has kids. I really think Chase is it for her, and possibly soon! Crazy.

(I have to interrupt the journal entry here...check out a few blogs ago... sister and Chase are engaged now! Am I good or what?!)

Back to the journal...

I don't have my usual instinct- "Another person falling in love and me still alone!" instead I'm actually excited. Time for a PBJ...so hot right now! Val and I cried together on the 2 seats which together make a couch. Since that exhausted me I was finally able to sleep. Three hours later we went to the "store." Since we went about an hour in the the wrong direction (I assume since no store was in sight and these peeps get their food from somewhere) we decided to forego making dinner in our quaint kitchen and dine at a fine, local German restaurant. We actually ended up there by following a sign that read "Kaffee Pause." We always figure any place with "kaffee" (coffee for German amateurs like myself) must serve caffeine and at least some sort of baguette or other edible options. We found that everything was closed except the restaurant inside the gigantic windmill...sweet. We attempted to order water without "gas" and our server told us they only have water "partially w/out gas." So I ordered my usual guilty pleasure-Coca Cola Light. I later took note that the water is in the same bottle as the water "w/out gas" that I was served the other day! I knew I tasted some partial gas in that h2o.
Anyway, being "low maintenance about food" I confidently said to Val, "I'll just order this one, pointing to one of the all German items on the menu (none of which I can translate)...how bad could it be, I'm not picky! When our server came for our order I had a sudden fear that I might not be ordering what I assumed would be some sort of sausage or schnitzel-like option. So I investigated the situation. The non-English speaking waiter consulted his colleague and she translated, "escargots." The look on my face showed my surprise and the two servers and Val and I laughed for days. He said he'd come back (I only know this because actions truly speak louder than words in this situation). Serves me right for being a cheap skate, I only ordered it because it was the least expensive, non beverage item on the menu!
After a lovely dinner (I ended up with a "normal" salad and 2nd Coca Light) we attempted to get back home...okay there was deep and ground-breaking conversation as well-what can I say.
So back on the gravel road, surrounded by all red, brick houses and fields with horses we were inevitably lost. After countless statements like "Wait this doesn't seem right" and "I think I remember that wheat" we were sure we'd gotten off the beaten path. Being the observant female she is, Val confidently said "I don't know where we are, I definitely don't remember walking past sheep though, that's for damn sure." She was right. We were now coming up on a herd of sheep and that was definitely not right.
We finally made it back, even with 1/2 of the trek being in the dark. Oh German islands!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The last thing I want to do right now...

is go to TARGET! It also happens to be the one thing I need to get done before work. Since I can't live another day without contact solution and paper towels, the Target dog is calling my name!

It's freezing balls in my house, like beyond stardard cold house temperature. It is an ungodly temp here on Talbot street. With hard-wood floors, lack of central heating and poor insulation (for example, the windows that don't fully shut) I'm one cold gal! I want to take a hot shower, drink hot tea and snuggle in my cozy bed that currently has two down comforters on it (actually synthetic down comforters since I'm high maintenence and allergic to feather!).

But instead, onward to the total circus going on at the most popular and frequented store of the holidays! I'm just hoping the babies, that are notoriously there in that little seat part of the cart that most of us put our purse in, AREN'T crying today as their mothers return gifts and make use of gift cards.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

You know you're PMSing when...

Costco won't let you pick up your photos (that will complete Dad's Christmas present) and you take the following actions:

1. You start out by frantically looking through the "M" file at the photo counter and making your frustration with your envelope's missing status known by exhaling loudly.

2. You get remarkably annoyed with the Costco employee who can't spell Morgan, possibly the least unique last name of all time.

3. You attempt taking control of the situation by going to the "Costco Photo Center confirmation email" via your handy Samsung and act completely impatient as you wait to "connect."

4. When the "Photo Expert" finally finds your photos and innocently admits to having spelled Morgan wrong (after already correcting him, see #1 above) you wait 'til he looks away and roll your eyes in total aggravation.

5. After being told your card is expired and he cannot sell you your already printed photos, you act like a total hag saying things like "Well, obviously I'm not paying the $50 renewal fee right now so that I can pick up photos that cost $3...on Christmas eve"

6. In response to the question, "Do you want us to hold them for you for another day?" you sharply reply with "Well I don't want you to throw them away!"

7. Last, you leave the store, get in your car...and start to cry uncontrollably!

Note: This is a NON-FICTION story!

Out of all the convos...

During the holidays I consider myself a nomad...lots of movin around, lots of cities, lots of family members I haven't seen in forever.

I have to say that out of all the convos, the various inquiries experienced in the past week, my conversation with Aunt Pat had to be my favorite Holiday catch up sesh.

Over dinner:
"Now did you get implants or are those yours?"

Me stumbling:
"Um, no...no they're mine."

I think I still might feel a little awkward.
Oh Patty you never cease to amaze me.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A few 1 minute after midnight thoughts...

So I just finished my LAST credential assignment EVER! Amazing feeling. I have been working at my credential to teach for the past 2 years...okay 2 years and 4 months! It's supposed to be a year program! I like to pretend to be an over achiever (cuz really I'm NOT one) and do things like taking on a full-time teaching job in the middle of an intense program, oh and a serving job too, ya know for saving money to travel Europe purposes! So...now all that's left are 2 tests to take and probably giving PLNU some more money and then... I can teach in Public Schools! Woo HOO! That means a salary I can actually live on, bennies, and maybe even a 401K! I don't know exactly what a "401K" does for an individual, but I know it's supposed to be pretty good!

I packed for my 5 day trip up to OC/LA for some fam-holiday time. Sis' bday tomorrow, Dad's on Monday and the Christmas goodness later this week. We'll be spending Christmas eve with Sister's fiance and his fam. Just hoping being in PJ's and drunk on more than the Christmas spirit before 8pm is okay with them. That's how we do some X-mas eve at our house. I plan to spend most of my little break staring at the tree, drinking good wine and petting the dogs (mostly Kobie, the out casted dog, poor guy!) He literally is the "under-dog" of the family pets. Last time I was home he was chillin alone under the Christmas tree doin his thang...that's when I realized I totally dig Kobie's vibe! Anyhoo... Christmas morning I'll head up to Mom's and hang with the 'ol maternal side.

Good times to come this week.

Merry Christmas to my readers and their peeps!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love asking for help


I just came up with a pretty good picture of how I feel when asking my parents for help, financially speaking...

I yelled across the house to my roommate after a fun can-I-have-some-money convo with Papa.

Then in a less dramatic fashion, "It makes me want to eat some of that left-over chocolate trifle in our fridge! ...and then take a nap!"

I will refrain from doing any of the previously mentioned actions and instead will hope that the bills I'm about to pay don't cause overdraft fees. Love you Bank of America!

Congratuations to my big SISTER!

My sis is engaged! Her and her boo went on a trip up the coast and he popped the question!!!

Ok I have to share this...I am sort of in a rush today, running errands etc and typing rather quickly, I just accidentily wrote "pooped the question"! LOL (I'm easily amused) Good thing I fixed that typo. I would have had some confused readers!

Anyway, Casey and Chase (who I lovingly refer to as "Chasey") are now ENGAGED! woo hoo!!!

Sister, I am so excited for you! Chase is amazing and he obviously knows how amazing you are! Love it and love you both...also, please make me an aunt soon :)

On a selfish note, I'm stoked to be the MOH (Made of Honor) and in charge of picking out the bridesmaid dresses! Guess what other bridesmaids, if it's flattering on me...you're all gonna have to wear it!!! Muah ha ha ha.

Love is in the air.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Things I love about Christmas...that I've experienced in the last 24 hours

1. Red sparkly nail polish being appropriate
2. Rain
3. Having a Christmas Party
4. Cooking for that party
5. Wearing Snow man pajamas
6. Writing Christmas Cards
7. Wrapping presents
8. Having my front door wrapped up like a gift
9. Winter Blend tea
10. Ridiculous slippers
11. Receiving Christmas cards from peeps I haven't seen in daaaaaaaaaays!
12. Heading to work, knowing it'll be slow and hence bringing the Xmas cards to address
13. The music and movies! DUH.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Why do people wear Santa hats around Christmas? Ya know the red felt hats with the white trim and ball. I don't understand wearing them even ON Christmas, and especially not on any other day in December. I am always left wondering...huh?
And more importantly...why? It's not like people go around with bunny ears on for Easter, or throughout the entire month of April!

Possibly a perfect day

Today has the potential to be possibly a perfect day.

Started out the morning by waking up on my own instead of to the deafening sound of my alarm clock...which is strategically placed on the furthest part of my night stand making it necessary for me to get out of bed to turn it off. On a usual day when I have to be woken by the beast of beeping I am immediately a little irritated, more so than the normal irritated state I'm in when being forced to leave my slumber!

I lied in my cozy bed for a while, thinking, in and out of REM and then got up before 9:00am, quite impressive on my day off I thought. I hit the gym to make it to the 9:30 Turbo Kick Boxing class. Oh my release! I love pretending to kick and knee and punch someone (kinda creepy, we all have our quirks). Then did some legit arm exercises and finished up by getting in my zen, stretching in the quiet dark room downstairs. Of course there was the standard trainer stretching her client and making small talk, but I was able to drown it out, focusing on the more-than-the-average female's sweat on my shirt.

I stopped by a friend's (who is recently the mom of two) to see the new baby and dote on the toddler. Holding baby Ashlyn was food for my soul! So precious and teeny! I want one...in the future, that sleeps often, cries seldom and looks cute in pink :)

Came home, checked my email (and this blogtastic website)and had some of the homemade enchiladas I made yesterday for lunch. Yes, my family is white as can be, but I don't care who you are...my Grandma's enchilada recipe is 'da bomb!

Now I'm about to meet a friend at UTC ( a La Jollan mall) then off to my 4pm interview at Nordi's. If I get the job for this season, this will indeed have been a perfect day. Either way, I'll meet 5 of my favorite people in the world for dinner around 6ish to complete this mid-week glory.

The only thing that could make this day better would be having more hours in it to finish the scarf I've been knitting, the book I've been reading (just have the epilogue left), and maybe shop a little if the funds were available.

Happy Wednesday Everybody!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I need a yob

A few "posts" ago I said I got a job...and to stay tuned.
Good thing I didn't waste any more minutes of my life writing about that job because I didn't end up taking it! I swear if I change my mind one more time...I don't know what, but something crazy! It turned out that after some negotiation, homie (the employer) did NOT want to properly compensate me for the work that I was going to be responsible for. No thanks. I suppose I'll just wait for something better.

Today Miss Green called me and told me her manager at Nordstrom needed someone for the holidays. GREAT! So I'll be a little batty selling crazy Christmas shoppers clothing, but I'll make some money! Woo hoo. I'm meeting with Nordi's tomorrow, based on what past experiences have shown I'm probably speaking too soon, but it sounds promising.

Also in the works- a connection at a local high school.

So we'll see what happens...current possibilities in my mind:
1. Work at Nordi's until January, then work at the high school
2. The High school calls me before Nordi's offers me the job and I take that one right away...and get 2 weeks paid vacay for Christmas and New Years (less likely than the former possibility)

I started thinking today about all of the jobs I've had...

1.Hostess at Marie Callenders (the mean and older female servers called me "Barbie" and I had to memorize way too many pies!)
2.Cleaning my friend's dad's house (made me realize what a slob my friend and her siblings were, I found myself yelling about spaghetti sauce splashed all over the microwave, how hard is it to put a paper towel over your plate!?...not so great for our friendship)
3.Nannying for many, many interesting families including: 5 year old that was still breast fed (by the mom, not me), 4 year old who was smarter than me and his parents,4 year old that threw up a lot, Jewish 8 and 10 yr old boys who physically fought and hit me when I tried to break it up, infant that screamed non stop...and so on.
4.Life guard at Raging Waters, I was the person who said "Cross your arms and your ankles, exit quickly to the right at the bottom of the slide and have a RAGING DAY!!! (and down the slide you go)"...I also rescued various overweight asian men.
5.Selling clothes at Express in ghetto West Covina mall
6.Student secretary at PLNU's Physical Plant "We need a plumber in Nease Hall stat!"
7.Teaching Preschool in two different cities
8.Teaching Kindergarten
9.Serving and Bar tending at a private club


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh the places you'll go!

...like the Las Vegas airport.

Current location and status: middle class and single. I'm kidding.
Gate B10, delayed, estimated time of flight 1:50pm.

Originally the time was 9:40am...then 10:55, 12:30, 1:30, and now 1:50. After the first "update" I knew I had at least an hour and a half to kill before boarding. With a carry-on full of knitting goods, a journal and "Twilight" my current leisure read, I was well prepared for this sort of thing.

Instead of sitting at the gate I thought I'd have a change of scenary and enjoy a nice beverage of some sort. I left B10 and explored...then there was the dillema- On my right, Starbucks. MMMMMmmmm who doesn't love the peppermint mochas out in the month of December?! On my left, Fox Sports Bar. Who couldn't use a little mimosa pick-me-up in a delayed flight, stressful airport/holiday situation?!
3 secs of deliberation later and mimosa it is.

Unfortunately the bartender didn't have champagne...so I resorted to a Screwdriver, I figure anything mixed with OJ (vodka in this case) is acceptable for a morning cocktail. Other people were drinking beer! Weirdos. Anyway, after deciding knitting was probably inappropriate in a bar, I dove into my amazingly entertaining book.

(Side note: I seriously recommend reading "Twilight." I know it's out in theatres but there is NO WAY the movie could capture how fricken amazing this book is. I'm not just saying this to be one of the annoying smart people that always says books are better than movies..."OMG I just love reading books so much! The book is ALWAYS better than the movie!" Riiiiiiiiight. You are an intellectual and love reading, we all get it! But seriously, coming from a "non-i heart reading" person this book is da bomb!)

Anyhoo, I sipped my cocktail and refrained from working on the cable knit scarf in my knitting bag, occasionally looking up from my book to people watch. There were only a few people in the small bar, mostly females whom I judged by their wardrobe one way or another- Yes I'm willing to admit that. In the middle of one of my looking, watching, judging moments, I made eye contact with a fellow Fox Sports Bar custy. Assuming I appeared to be staring at him, or even worse, flirting, I quickly moved my gaze 3 feet above his head to check out the game that was on the TV...I dunno, football or basketball or something. I could NOT care any less about sports and specifically whatever game was on now, but was trying to avoid unintentional eye flirting. Although I'm a master at avoidence, I did not avoid this.

So, "Tony Pony Tail" came over to my table. Note: We're calling him this not because his name was Tony, but because he did indeed have a pony tail. I had occupied three of the four seats with myself, my carry on and my purse, marking my territory upon arrival. His opening line was actually quite good. Not totally out of nowhere AND humorous (a good opening line combo to all of you male readers). I had just checked out the latest female who entered the bar...he had too. Pony Tony slighly interrupted my reading with "So how'd ya feel about that belt?" I had noticed her belt, it was pretty intense. I couldn't help but laugh and be slightly impressed that he was confident enough to pull up a chair and discuss fashion.

Since I'm not a guy nor an aggressive girl, I don't even know what it must be like to approach someone like that. I'm thinkin it's probably pretty rough. I can't imagine the fear of going up to someone, especially a girl like myself who (according to close friends) puts off the "Screw You" vibe and starting a convo...then sitting yourself down at their table!

Tony did a very nice job. Once I found out his age I realized he'd had a lot of years to practice! The conversation was entertaining and less awkward than a usual one in this sort of setting. I let him buy me a 2nd drink and continued to "kill my time" waiting to fly to Reno. As far as I could tell there was no intention of behaving in an ungentlemanly manner, one that my mother would disapprove of.

Unfortunately for him, he missed his flight as he was so engaged in our conversation...this is my horn, being tooted. I was not about to do the same and miss mine, sorry Pony Tony, not gonna happen. Although he had now another 3 hours to wait (oops) I decided to go back to hang at B10, ensuring my promptness.

As I sat on the plane and stared at a flight attendent buckling a seat belt with a big bright smile, I realized just how funny male/female interaction can be. Tony Pony Tail however was a nice example of it being less funny in the awkward sense and just more funny in the real sense of the word!

No matter how it's handled, Boys, I feel very sorry for you that you are the ones that have to (or should rather) come up to us! Having to come up with something to say and decifering if a girl is a total hag or not...tricky. You all have a new found respect from this blonde!