Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Travel Month

I hate being that, not the one whose hair naturally dries straight and shiny.  Not the one that is tan year-round (I obviously choose to be either pale OR red year round instead)... The girl I really hate being says things like "Oh my gosh, things are just so crazy right now" and "I don't think I've ever been this busy!" 

I'm totally that girl.

But can I just say, life is SO BUSY right now! See how annoying that is?

In the midst of all that is and is about to be going on (which will undoubtedly ensure new adventures to blog about) I am in the "Travel Month" of work.  This means I go around Southern California, wearing a green polo shirt, and energetically saying things like, "What kind of program are you looking for today?!"  It gets tough to keep the energy up when someone like me hits the road at 6am.  My husband is certain I'm the sweetest female in the world- unless he's waking me up before 8.  I'm doing a fantastic job of fooling him the rest of the day.

Travel Month starts today, with a two hour commute.  The first of many travel days has taught me a few things.  #1 Having my latte at 5:45 instead of 7:30 means my caffeine high (and what a high it is) nears completion sooner than it really should. 11:30 is here and I'm tempted to climb under my 6 foot display and catch some 'mimi's. My last name has a silent J in it now so I'm allowed to use Spanish catch phrases, in case you hadn't heard. On a typical work day my crash would come around 2:00 and the one square of dark chocolate (sometimes two depending on my afternoon's caloric intake, or my emotions) helps make the process a little less tragic.  Remember the One-Dove-Egg rule last Spring?  I apply the same principles even outside of the passover season. Impressed?  You're not...that's fine. It's clear to me that I have a caffeine problem.  This may explain my resent and consistent questioning, "Was that an aftershock?!" after San Diego's latest summer quakes. Note, it was never an aftershock.  I'm just shaky.  This is why I have established staunch concrete rules for myself, they seem to help; one homemade latte in the morning and if I'm lucky, a small portion of dark chocolate in the afternoon.  On a serious note, if you struggle with Migraines, finding a caffeine routine that works with your body is KEY!  You can look out for my memoir one day, that will include tips on migraine control. 

Second realization you ask, that doesn't have to do with the fact that I'm a fiend:  At big schools (unlike my precious Alma mater) people have innovative ways of getting around.  While I try to give every student encounter an objective 'tude, I have a very hard time taking someone on a razor seriously as a prospective stu.  Note:  our awesome team calls them "stu's."

While this next fun fact doesn't warrant being called a realization (it's more of a jealous and catty comment) I will say that undergraduate college students definitely still go Back-to-School shopping.  I can spot a Back-to-School outfit from a mile away...and I'm spotting 'em all over the place.  How did I miss that opportunity?  Are parents funding this? 

Alright, I'll wrap this up (since my provided box lunch is here).
#3  Ford focuses are stupid cars.  It's my rental for today...and it's kinda stupid.  Sorry Focus owners.
#4  Apparently I'm willing to listen to Seacrest's yuckster-speak if the end result is free tickets to see No Doubt.  No Luck.  Calling 520-102.7 is not as easy as Ryan makes it sound.  And Rhianna's new song doesn't impress me.  KIIS FM you were much better in the 90's...or maybe music was just better?  I'll leave you with that to ponder...