Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Unstable Cliffs

Why is it that there are seasons where it seems like everyone is going through a bunch of crap, all at once! Everything from career change and boyfriend blues to making life changing decisions and tissue know who you are. It seems like everyone in my life is dealing with something gnarly...including myself, I'm in my life too. I think it's a season for some change and definitely some growth for most of us. I know personally I've experienced more ish, mostly upstairs (I told you earlier you didn't want to be there!) in the last 4 months than in my entire life...possibly excluding a stage in '06 where I became single and confused rather abruptly (but that's a story that requires a lot of time and coffee,or something a little stronger) It seems easy enough to change habits, but how HARD is it to change thinking habits? That was retorical btw. In the life of Sada (that would be me) I'm in the process of retraining myself to think in healthier ways such as...don't always give people (meaning undeserving people) the benefit of the doubt, at the same time self-protection isn't always necessary and doesn't mean you have to act like a hag. Side note: putting yourself in situations that involve healthy, normal people (specifically healthy, normal males)will make these changes EASIER!!! This is probably pure logic to most, but takes some time for others of us ;) Like a wise friend of mine so lovingly (and not patronizing at all) said to me one day, "Sar, some of us learn at 18, and some of us learn at 24." I hope that's as helpful to you as it was to me. Although it may feel like you're as unstable as the cliffs in OB, everyone has their own bag of rocks to carry. You're NOT alone...just ask me and all my struggling friends.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall Fashion Frenzy!

So I got my hair done today and since I forget to bring my current book along with me EVERY time, I sat under one of those heater things and read fashion magazines. What ran through my head (aside from the fact that those models must be really hungry!!!) is how stoked I am for FALL FASHION! Something about sweaters and cute slacks get me freakin pumped, enough that I kinda want a real job by then so that I can partake in this glory! Who knows, maybe I'll miraculously be teaching by then...and wearing really cute fall gear obvi. Lookin' forward to boots, tights (although I live in San Diego and will probably still be sweating...alot), cute cardi's and scarves! Here's hopin' I have a real job and money to purchase cute fall clothing by the time mid October hits. SD probably won't be even remotely chilly 'til December...more time to earn some skrill for sweater shopping I suppose. Come typical toasty season or not, once it's officially "Fall" I'm busting out my Uggs from deep down in the 'ol closet! I can't wait to make some new scarves too...perhaps in the new plum color that's coming out everywhere! Oh Fall Fashion, you are just too Fantastic!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

To teach or not to teach...that (currently) is the question

So I talked to a "teacher friend" this weekend at a Bachelorette party and I explained my goal to have the life of a stay at home mom, without kids....ya know? No job, but also no kids. Too much to ask? Probably. Anyway, she explained a teaching position that one of her teaching friends has at a school nearby and how it is DA BOMB! Part-time,full benies and normal, young teachers, gotta love that! WTF do I want to do with my life? Not feelin the independent consultant thing all the time...especially not lately. Waitressing makes me wanna punch babies (I hate it that much) and my restaurant is closing down next month to remodel for a year. Gotta figure out something fast! Do I want a routine or a random (waitress-like) schedule? Maybe I just like working nights now because it's still summer. Once fall hits, and it's comin soon, my days off won't be quite as exciting I don't think! Life plan = TBA!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

...a cardio experience like no other

I said I was an "avid journaler." Even more, I am an avid DANCER...and I don't mean the really good kind...I mean the really insane kind. It all started with 5th grade jazz routine to Gloria Estephan's Turn the Beat Around. The pics below are from celebrating my 24th birthday with friends, one night downtown and the next in OB at my favorite beachy bar spot. Neither one of these places are known for their dancing but I was not afraid to bring it and YOU shouldn't be either. A bouncer walking past me whispering with a sarcastic tone, "Excuse me JLO" didn't discourage me from gettin my grove on ;) Give me some tunes and a little alcohol (although the latter is not necessary...okay sometimes the former isn't either!) and I'll dance all night, and/or day I suppose. Good friends know what to expect, generally causing pictures like these to come into existence. Most of my besties join in on the idiocy themselves. With all that being said, I write this "post" not to brag about my sweet steps, but to encourage YOU to get some moves of your own that make you feel CAREFREE and like a child again! Not only will you be as happy as a kid with cake breath but everyone else will enjoy it too...and for the peeps who look at you like you belong in the circus, bask in the glory of knowing you don't take yourself too seriously and can take pleasure in all that this crazy life has to offer. And don't worry for those of you that just can't let lose, one day, some gym, somewhere in the world will let me come teach a class entitled "The Beara's Ridiculous Dance Moves...a cardio experience like no other" This will give you all the basics you need to know to dance like an insane person...location and time to be announced.

"David's Cozy Little Backpacker Hostel of Berlin"

I finally freaked out today (in the confines of my own head). I'll rewind for a moment. I arrived Saturday night in Berlin, Germany at "David's Cozy Little Backpacker Hostel." aka the cheapest one I could find on I would be staying here the next three nights and it was by far the weirdest place I'd seen...ever. A host of norwegian 18 year old girls were quite the welcome wagon. They told us we had to go out with them and (in a seductive, creepy manner) that "...they'd never been out with American girls before." That, along with the staring and graze along my rear as one walked past me was my que to go to bed and take a raincheck! So here we are. Thus far, although I have experienced various unclean and disturbing circumstances on this trip, I have not yet allowed myself to be "high-maintenance." Well, today is the day where that all comes to an end.

I had to wait for the one and only shower in the hostel. I was sitting on the floor (not the cleanest move, but my standards are pretty low when I'm still half asleep). I held onto my towel for dear life. I knew that although I could handle more than the average girl, my towel touching this floor containing suspicious hairs and who knows what else would not be tolerable. It was my turn for the shower. This was a 4x4 room with a single shower, tiled floor and absolutely no ventilation. I had my reservations before entering the small room based on the quality and cleanliness of the "sink row" in the hallway and "wc" or bathroom in american terms.

The room had a mop (a dirty mop) placed in a bucket of water (also dirty) propped up in the corner. There also happened to be a shower curtain...a very uninviting shower curtain. My shower curtain in my home groses me out, and it is cleaned thoroughly on the weekly. This shower curtain was just not going to do. The shower backs up due to hair in the drain from various "David's Cozy Little Backpacker Hostel" inhabitants. There is a ledge where I am given no choice but to put my shower necessities. There is an old, dirty (just there to go along with the mop and bucket I suppose) sponge sharing this ledge with my shower parafenalia. Because of the lack of ventilation in this room, the door where I've hung my towel is soaked, perspiring actually. Sort of a parallel to me constantly being soaked and perspiring in Europe! The duration of my shower is about 4 minutes, skillfully manuvering (in shower shoes of course) without touching the curtain. I'm assuming nobody else touched the curtain either, leaving it unused and pulled to one side, causing the soaking wet tile floor. I'm all of 5'3" and...okay I just added an inch, I'm all of 5'2" and still I'm towering over the handheld shower head. Thanks to dancing and yoga classes every now and then, I consider myself a "bendy" person however I still cannot bend enough to submerge completely under the water to wash my pretty much dredded hair. So, mind over matter, I grab that handheld SOB and give my hair the shampooing it deserves. The trickiest part of the entire showering ordeal is washing my body. I'm tempted to avoid it altogether but since my body has been on a train for 5 hours, David's "cozy" couch where I ate my cheap dinner and on the questionable sheets I am sleeping on, even I can't bear to leave out this vital step of the showering process. So I use just my finger tips to open the ziplock bag (where I've been keeping my soap during my travels) and take out the bar of soap and pray to God I don't have a typical slippery soap + wet hand scenario. All is well. I even manage to wash off the bar and place it back in it's ziplock without the bag being filled with water (this can be quite the skill). I return the handheld shower head to its perch and lift my feet up and out of the little pool of backed up water that my 4 minute shower has created. As I sigh with relief in conquering this terrible, terrible shower, I see a sign posted on the perspiring wall.

Please wipe down the floor after using the shower room.
(My thought: With my one and only towel that I'm using for 6 weeks? I think not)
Clean out your hair in the drain for all other guests who shower after you.
(...I have no words...)

Next stop the Berlin zoo, where it's probably cleaner and smells better...